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Thread: Dick Vitale wants rule change in Basketball

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    All I know is that David Stern better do something about that problem. Come up with a new rule or something.

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    Yo... Bill Russell won 11 chips and the refs had the power to take him out the game... Horry got 7... Mike won 6... Magic got 5... Duncan and Shaq got 4... Bird and Kobe got 3... We got 2... DWade got 1...

    both teams are affected by the ref... yet some players push their teams to greater heights... do the refs influence the game? yeah... but ALL refs do... winners make adjustments... loosers make excuses...

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    Originally Posted by ShairanXIII
    fouling out is part of the game on all levels... it can be a strategic tactic for teams as well... i don't see it as weakening competition
    This is so true: Changing the rule would change the character of the game to much. If you are a low post player and you get beaten all night all night, all you are waiting for is the time when your opponent runs out of fouls to give. This rule would be a disaster for players like Shaq, Curry, and Howard.

    I also complain that they should simply start hitting free throws but this rule change would punish them twice and cause more injuries.

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