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Thread: [Blog] Paging Daddy Dolan

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    Thumbs up [Blog] Paging Daddy Dolan

    Paging Daddy Dolan

    by Richard Bertin

    There’s been a number of reports about David Stern and Charles Dolan chatting it up. Sounds like little Jimmy might be in trouble.
    Well, remember the “progress reports” that our grade school teachers mailed to our parents when we screwed up in class? I got blindsided by a few of them in my years myself. A investigation uncovered a fresh one sent straight to Daddy Dolan himself! Check out what David Stern has to say about Charles's misfit son!

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    Thumbs down He laughed it off.

    yeah you know whats really Messed up here is that Stern did talk to Charles and was basically told to deal with it. Per Charles Dolan this is James team and He has bigger things on his plate.

    PS- If you did not know the Knicks are only 5% of what cablevision does so it is basically irrevelent to Mr Charles Dolan and he could care less..

    Its Messed up but, it is what it is.

    Again another case of F the Fans..................

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    I really don't want to become a Nets fan. But this franchise is starting to make me sick. I have hung in there after long resistance to give up and with a give them a chance attitude. But this team needs a change. I don't think it has to be a tear it apart and start over deal, I like a lot of the pieces, just they don't mesh well together. GM job is to assemble peices that compliment each other. Steph and Crawford are the same type of player, they need to dominate the ball, I think if you ditched those two and a couple of dead weight contracts(jerome James) We'd be okay. Except I'm hearing we again don't have a 1st round draft pick comming? Phoenix gets one for marbury trade? IT really screwed us. It's going to get worse if we don't at least get ride of one of those two players. I'd rather keep steph for his skill, but he's nuts and may cause friction among the locker room. Plus he black mails Isiah for Playing time.

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    Rady this looks like a fake. Is this a joke or something? Stern wouldn't be that stupid to send an email that can be easily tracked.

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