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Thread: Reggie Miller calls Knicks "a league-wide joke''

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    Originally Posted by jzero29
    I hope you are being sarcastic. top 4 or 5 teams do not lose by 48 points. Sure they have bad games, but they lose by 20-30 not 40. No changes I don't see anyplayers last night i'd keep.

    i am going well being being sarcastic... this team is a dud...

    from 'towel-head', to 'burger-king' james, to eddie 'wide-load' curry... the list goes on and on... we sux...

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    Reggie Miller sounds like a masculine cali version of Micheal Jackson.

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    well a knicks killer man....I mean really he aint the only one saying the knicks are a joke...we just need 2 prove them wrong...

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