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    Default Knicks Grades Mid-Season

    This has been a popular thing around the Knick forums last year so I figured to make one for the 07-08 mid season Knick Grades.

    Jamal Crawford B+
    He has come to be an important part for the Knicks down the stretch of games. He is averaging a Career high in PPG, and career high 42% from the field. Career high in FT%, and is getting a steal a game. Getting the team involved as well. Has not missed a game this season.

    David Lee B
    Has had games were he is playing such good basketball, but some games he isn't, but the heart, and vocal leadership is still there. One of the best players to come off the bench in the NBA. I am not kidding.

    Malik Rose F- FAILED

    His leadership might be there, he has a basketball mentiality but isn't a physical players. Whenever he is on the court it seems the Knicks are just gettin blown out.

    Quentin Richardson D-

    Q is averaging career lows in field goal percentage,PPG, and 3 point percentage. I believe there is a good reason for his woes, but hes gotta come through and start hittin those shots. He is a huge disappointment. The reason I didn't fail him is because he is pretty active on the boards most of the time that is.

    Nate Robinson B

    Nate has come through. He was WORK ETHIC, he has what it takes to be a force in the league. He is averaging 23 minutes per game in 39 games he has played. I said this before, he has tons of potential, and he will be a player to rely on in the future for the Knicks.

    Jared Jeffries D

    Jeffries presents SOMETIMES on the defensive end help us out a lot, but other then that he isn't much of a threat. As a "Defense Men" he doesn't even get a block or steal a game. but at times his presents are there.

    Randolph Morris C

    Average, I can't base anything about this player, not enough playin time.

    Jerome James F Failed

    Tha King only played 2 games 5 minutes on the court. He is a choke anyway last season, season before that. I base him as an F just for gettin paid so much money for nothing.. and his prior play.

    Mardy Collins C-

    Mardy isn't getting the playing time he deserves. To bad Isiaherr doesn't see that. Come on Play Mardy Collins!!

    Wilson Chandler C..

    I can't judge him out either he is a player that the Knicks really dont need, but I see some trade value if all goes well in the future.

    Renaldo Balkman C+

    Balk this season is a player that changes the game. Good example the Denver game in the beginning of the season, Knicks down by 10 in the 3rd Balkman comes in and brings energy on the court. He hasn't got the playing time that he deserves from his rookie year preformance.

    Fred Jones C

    Freddy is a good help out player, he is a good player on the defensive end. Many games I witnessed that he has played well on defense (example the Bucks game) causing turnovers, and playing well.Fred should improve later on this season. [/COLOR]

    Stephon Marbury D-

    I just can't believe it. He is averaging a career low in PPG. Only played 24 out of the 42 games this season. He is a player on the wrong teams, at the wrong times. He is one of the unluckiest players in NBA history for sure. Marbury probably out for the rest of the season. Marbs has a ETO on his contract this year. I believe the game in Toronto was his last time on the floor for the knicks.

    Eddy Curry C-

    No Defense, no more good offensive plays. Despite his good %age from the field it doesn't really effect the turnaround of the game. The Zach and Eddy combo has not worked out for us this season. Eddy has been the biggest disappointment in my option this year. Turnover prone, and this is as good as Curry will get he just has NO work Ethic.

    Zach Randolph B

    Good player averaging a double double, but not getting the same amount of point like in Portland. He is a blackhole that effects the Knicks, but at a numbers stand point he has been good this season.

    Isiah and Dolan receive a F.
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    Crawford = B-

    Showing somes signs of leadership and better shot selection.

    Curry = D

    Didn't get into better shape and what ever happened to the story that he was working on a little jumper.

    Q Rich = F-

    Do we really even need to discuss this

    David Lee = C

    What ever happened to the mid range jumper he was supposed to be working on? He's a good player, but we needed improvment from a young player like him.

    Marbury = D

    I don't care how many of you people love him and how unfortunate recent circumstances in his life have been. He wasn't playing very good ball and was a disruptive force in the locker room and off the court.

    Randolph = C+

    I was hoping for a little more defense and better shot selection, but I think he's playing Zach ball

    Robinson = B

    Has matured some, is learning to pass and make his teammates better, and is even getting a tad better at shot selection. The only bright spot on the team .

    Rest of the Team - Ds and Fs

    None of the young players has show any development at all over last year or as the season has progressed. That's not saying that guys like Balkman don't contribute positively, but built into this year's HIGH expectations was that several of the young players were going to show up with better offensive or other skills and at least one would develop into a solid starter. That simply hasn't happened.
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    For their contracts worth

    Marbury F
    Crawford C+
    QRich F
    Randolph C+
    Curry F
    Lee B
    Balkman C+
    Nate B
    James F
    Morris -
    Rose F

    the whole franchise has embarrassed themselves this year.

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    If it was about the contract worth value, my whole ranks would have changed.

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    Marbury - D
    Crawford - D
    Richardson - F
    Randolph - D
    Curry - F
    Jefferies - F
    Rose - FFFF
    James - FFFF
    Balkman - B
    Lee - A
    Collins - C
    Robinson - B
    Chandler - blank
    Morris - blank
    Isiah - suspended for failing all classes
    Hines - F
    Dolan - F
    Mike Breen - F
    Cylde Frazier - A

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    Isiah Thomas FFFFF
    Coaching Staff FFFFF (excluding Herb Williams)

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    Originally Posted by metrocard
    Marbury - D
    Crawford - D
    Richardson - F
    Randolph - D
    Curry - F
    Jefferies - F
    Rose - FFFF
    James - FFFF
    Balkman - B
    Lee - A
    Collins - C
    Robinson - B
    Chandler - blank
    Morris - blank
    Isiah - suspended for failing all classes
    Hines - F
    Dolan - F
    Mike Breen - F
    Cylde Frazier - A
    Balkman a B and Crawford a D?!

    I know you don't like him, but how can you not respect what he is doing for the team over the past few games. Yes he's streaky, but as Walt would put it, "He's the Catalyst of the Knicks good play of late" I mean you gave Mardy a better grade than Jamal too

    Marbury C: if you grade just his on the court play, not the awol situation in Pheonix, not his involvement in the Anucha case, and certainley not his time missed for his injury and fathers death, this is the most accurate grade.

    Jamal B: Two weeks ago I would say a C+ but he has really shown leadership in the past couple of weeks causing a raise of the grade.

    Q D-: Not only that his shooting is off, he doesnt seem to hit the boards the same, nor play D like last year. Doesnt get an F, because he is a good teamate.

    Zach B: His Scoring numbers are down, but has been our best rebounder. D sucks, but has tried to become a better rebounder and passer

    Curry C-: For all the talk about his great off season, he didn't come back with nothing new to his game. His rebounding is worst, D is still bad, and weight is up. Still a solid low post scorer, but this year we need much much more

    Nate B: The suprise player of the year for me, I thought for sure he was a gonner before the summer league run. I had him in several trade scenerios but I will admit Nate is having a great run. Still not a PG, and his shot selection is better, but still not great, all in all has been one of the few bright spots.

    D Lee B: Another Bright spot for us, Eveybody's favorite Knick! 3 less minutes per game explains the dip in scoring and rebounding, but doesnt explain the dip in FG% and FT%. But it is so hard to say anything bad about D Lee, he's the ultimate team player.

    Balkman C: He caught the league off gaurd last year, but the league knows about him and his game needs to evolve. FT% and FG% needs to be better if he is going to be a player in the league, still you gotta love his heart and energy.

    Jefferies D: Has played some sound D at times, looks good with the right unit on the floor with him. But His offense has been too bad to warrant any playing time. There is no such thing as an easy basket for him, FT's still bad, and now he thinks he's a jump shooter, another bad MLE deal.

    Mardy D: WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED! I labled him the second coming of Derek Harper, ofcourse he needed work on hs J and needed to gain some more expeirence but I thought Mardy was a real player. Maybe it's his inconsitent minutes, maybe it's his offseason injury,maybe it is the sophmore jinx, but whatever the hell it is Mardy has been a bust. I like Mardy he's getting PT now so maybe he comes in the second half like he did last year.

    Malik Rose on the court D

    Malik Rose off the court A+: Spoke at Marbury's father funeral. MLK Day speech, class, and leadership. I respect him too much to analyze his game's shortcomings, because on a team that is a PR worst nightmare, he has been a class act!

    Wilson Chandler Inc.: Hasn't played, So can not Grade!

    Randolph Morris Inc.: Sittin on his tail, so can not pass or fail!

    Jerome James: Seriously I just don't care about this guy, write him his check and let him go.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Marbury - D
    Crawford - B
    Richardson - C-
    Randolph - B-
    Curry - C-
    Jefferies - D
    Jones - C
    Rose - F
    James - blank
    Balkman - B
    Lee - A-
    Collins - C
    Robinson - A
    Chandler - blank
    Morris - blank

    My grades are based on what you could have expect of the players considering their strengths and weaknesses, e.g. Randolph: points + boards double-double, no D, turnovers

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    Jamal Crawford - B ...never been a huge fan of his but he has shown improvement this season

    David Lee - B ...has been ok this year, gets high marks for effort, attitude and hustle but he has not been finishing as well around the basket as he did last year

    Malik Rose - irrelevant

    Quentin Richardson - D ...only reason this wasn't an f is because on some nights he has played tough defense

    Nate Robinson - B ...really the only bright spot and the only player to make a big improvement over last year. we always knew nate could score but now we're seeing that he can distribute the ball as well.

    Jared Jeffries - D this guy became known as a defensive stopper is beyond me

    Randolph Morris - Incomplete ...needs to play

    Jerome James - F

    Mardy Collins - C- limited playing time has not been impressive but because of he's coming off an injury and getting consistent minutes I'll cut him a break
    Wilson Chandler - Incomplete ...needs to play

    Renaldo Balkman - C+ ...hasn't been getting the minutes but even when he has been out there his play has been inconsistent

    Fred Jones - C ...has been a solid veteran

    Stephon Marbury - Incomplete ...can't defend his actions when he left the team but i blame isiah for that and he's basically been a non factor on the court and distraction off of it ever since... plus his father died so i can't really kill him this season

    Eddy Curry - F ...the guy wouldnt be so bad if you didnt know how good he can be

    Zach Randolph - B ...good player that comes to play night in and night out, had deficiencies but at least he cares
    Gms, coaches, players may change but as long as Dolan is in charge the results will stay the same.

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    Clyde Frazier A+(greatest vocabulary of any NBA commentator)
    Kenny Smith B-(doesn't get an A,cause he said it's punishment to watch the Knicks)
    Mike Breen A-(he's great,but has to stop saying good things about the refs)
    Gus Johnson A-(he has the emotion needed to be a commentator)
    Coaching Staff and Trainers
    Isiah Thomas F(He rewards players who don't play defense TOO OFTEN)
    Herb Williams B(bad head coach, but a good assistant coach)
    Mark Acquire A- (good job at training players how to post up)
    Roger Hinds B(he doesn't care, but he patches people up)
    GM and Owner
    Isiah Thomas D-(Almost every trade he has made has been horrible)
    Jim Dolan F(Poor judge of evident progress;gave Isiah an extension, with 19 games left in the season;poor conduct in the Anucha Brown trial)
    Stephon Marbury C(hasn't hurt the Knicks, but he hasn't helped us, either, with just 24 games played)
    Jamal Crawford B(good offense, but is inconsistent and lacks defense)
    Quentin Richardson C-(good defense, but no offensive production at ALL)
    Zach Randolph B+(provides offense and rebounds and free throw shooting, but needs to work on becoming a team player and his defense)
    Eddy Curry D (Has showed glimpses of good offensive games, but has not been consistent offensively, defensively, with his free throws, or rebounds)
    Nate Robinson B+ (Provides a spark off the bench;he just needs to become a better passer and he'll be great for the team-he already is, but he'll be even greater)
    Fred Jones C+(a very good defender, but has been inconsistent on offense and sometimes comits foolish fouls)
    Mardy Collins C-(it's not all his fault;Isiah has put him out of the rotation for 85% of this season, but he needs to learn how to get lay ups in the fast break)
    Renaldo Balkman B (excellent energy off the bench;would get a B+, but needs to work on his jump shot)
    Wilson Chandler No Rating(He has kept himself in shape, so it's all Isiah's fault that he is not producing;he isn't getting any playing time)
    Jared Jeffries D (shows signs of playing defense, but is extremely inconsistent with his defense and he has NO JUMPSHOT;does not deserve 30 million)
    David Lee B+(his numbers have gone down from last year, but that's due to the acquisition of Randolph;he's still very consistent)
    Malik Rose D(he provides leadership,but he is too old to produce good numbers on any team;he is also HIGHLY OVERPAID)
    Jerome James F(It is Isiah Thomas' fault why he isn't getting any playing time, now that he has recovered from his injury, but it is not Isiah's fault he decided to eat Quadstackers and gain 30 pounds over the summer)
    Randolph Morris No Rating(It would be unfair to rate him, cause he gets no playing time)
    By the way, good thread, NYKnicks126

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    Jamal Crawford= B
    Jamal does care about this basketball team. He has been more consistent and is puttin up good problems in the offensive end. The problem is that he ONLY puts up good numbers on the offensive side and never on the defensive side. He lets no names have career nights on him
    Stephon Marbury= D-
    He made things worse with him leaving the team in Phoenix because he found out he was not starting. And that added more on the knicks because of the sexual harassment case on Isiah and then he leaves the knicks and says he has mad shyt on Isiah. He lost his team mates because all of them did not want him 2 play and well hes just 2 much offcourt. He only got a -D because his impact on the court...which wasent so much simply because he only played 24 game
    Zach Randolph= B
    Zach would get a a if he had a better impact on the teams play instead of only his. Once he got the ball the team just stopped and watched him go one on one. He killed the knicks momentum most of the time and also hes defense! if he had any...but other then that always put good numbers
    Eddy Curry= C-
    Eddy had all the hype but yet he comes in and sucks...not even that he dosent even care and try. He should get a F but he gets a C- because he did show some signs of defense and passion...only if he can do that every game
    Quentin Richardson= D
    Bad bad bad season for Q...he has completely lost his touch...he still could defend but still has had just a bad season...
    Nate Robinson= A
    he has really matured...he knows how 2 play now. He knows how 2 pass and he knows how 2 use his skills as his advantage. Hes a excellent passer and is shooting better then anyone else on the team. He his energy off the bench and no matter what he still plays with his heart either up 20 or down 20
    David Lee= B+
    David is still a spark off the bench and does the little things...and when hes on the floor always good stuff happen for the knicks...the only thing thats holding him back from and A is a better one on one offensive game and better defender
    Fred Jones= C
    Fred Jones is having a solid season for the knicks...he can defend and go to the basket aggressively and shoot a couple of 3s
    Renaldo Balkman= B
    he is a BIG spark off the bench and just like David when hes playing the knicks do good...the only thing thats holding him back from an A is Isiah not playing him enough...not his fault but need 2 see more from Renaldo( a 25 point game would be nice)
    Maurdy Collins= C
    Maurdy had a great season last year puttin up solid numbers but this year injuries were holding him back

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