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Thread: The ultimate Isiah insults

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    Default The ultimate Isiah insults

    The hangover from hanging out with his old Piston players got Isiah running off at the mouth. According to the "False Prophet" (stole that from Vescey) the Knicks have not been a team to be proud of since the early seventies. Not to mention this is the same clown that said he used to be "terrified" to play at the Garden as a player. But I guess it was teams like the one he put together that had him so shook to play here! Or a player who's proud Piston team (who didn't even make the playoffs that season) once got beat by nearly 40 by an Conference leading Knick team in 94. So Isiah must not think we were proud of the only 8th seeded team to make the Finals. I hope he bumps in to Oakley, Mason, Spree,Starks or Ewing and they make him repeat what he said. And speaking of Pat, why would this A-hole say that the day after Patrick was inducted into the Hall Of Fame. The problem is every accomplishment he has ever acheived he needs to make it seem like he is the only one to do it. Look it's bad enough that he ruined our franchise for years to come, but now he wants to insult past teams!

    Also did yall hear he was saying "you" when describing the Knicks and us fans. And it's not that he is indicating that he going to be fired from the team soon, but he was talking about the difference between New York and his precious Piston teams. That did it for me, I didnt like Isiah as a GM but honestly held no personal grudge, but that does it. I hope someone ask Oakley about this and see what he says.

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    I began to become a Knicks fan from Texas when I saw Ewing lead the Knicks back from an 0-2 defecit against the Celtics. Those 90's teams were my life! Isiah talking smack about them really has me pissed!!!!!!! We were a better team than Houston anyway! I'd write some intelligent stuff, but I'm so irate thinking about Thomas' ignorance that I'll sign off on this post now. Good post though NYNY.

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    Default NY media going soft

    I just can't beleive the NY media hasnt gone into him more about this yet

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    Originally Posted by New New York
    I just can't beleive the NY media hasnt gone into him more about this yet
    The media was supposed to blast Isiah for that Bull.... statement of his.
    Plus I recall
    The Laydumb 2003-4 Knicks that Isiah inhereted put the Larry Brown Pistons on their butts before Isiah took over that season. If Laydumb was'nt so slow in trying to showcase Mcdyess and would have traded him to Portland for Rasheed Wallace, whom Portland was trying to make a deal with the Layden that entire offseason for Ward & Mcdyess ending contracts. Layden should've made the trade for Rasheed once Rasheed made that public statement on how Stern and NBA owners been using the NBA young High School and one year college players.
    This way the Pistons would've never been able to make that illegal trade with Atlanta for Rasheed Wallace whom 32 mpg of offense/defense performance put the Pistons over the edge to beat the N.J. Nets in 7 games to get to the Finals to beat a Shaq vs Kobe teammate war to get a Championship Trophy.

    Not to mention how Knicks Coach Don Chaney defensive playbook plan (he got from being an assistant coach to JVG) on playing C-Mutombo, Kurt Thomas, Mcdyess, KVH, Houston, Anderson, and Ward, in a rotation lineup got into the hands of Detroit coach Larry Brown when Detroit made the trade for Rasheed Wallace.
    The Detroit Pistons playbook plan looked the same as the Knicks when Allan Houston was healthy at the start of the season when Houston played alongside of defensive Charlie Ward & Frank Williams as the PG who just shot threes, and pick and pop with K-Thomas or KVH. Which we started seeing PG-Billups do the same moves with SG-RIP then the pick and pop with Rasheed.
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