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    Rumor Nets Talking To Nuggets For Melo & Camby

    "Thinking big, the Nets have had exploratory conversations with Denver about Carmelo Anthony and Marcus Camby, league sources said. Vandeweghe traded for Camby and drafted Anthony in Denver. Nothing is imminent. The Nuggets are not committed to moving Anthony yet. But after his recent legal troubles plus five straight first-round losses, they are listening to offers for their players. Bergen Record

    Having said that, the Nets have assets to do something: three draft picks, Keith Van Horn's contract, young players Marcus Williams, Sean Williams, Josh Boone, Richard Jefferson coming off his best statistical season, Nenad Krstic's contract that they can use in a sign-and-trade and one $3.3 million trade exception from the Jason Kidd deal. (It was two, but the league changed it.) A big night for the Nets will be Tuesday's draft lottery. When they know where they will select if form holds it will be No. 10 they can decide what to do with their picks and see how valuable they are around the league. Bergen Record"

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    don't really know what to say, it'll be a good look for the Nets I guess, future is nice with Harris & Melo, now if they can just build around them they'll be pretty good...I duno if I or we can take this serious or not, but we can just speculate and have alittle fun with it

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    The Nets are in for an interesting rebuilding time in the next couple of years. Looks like they are rebuilding the right way and learning from the mistakes of the Knicks. It also doesn't hurt that the Nets have competent people running the organization.

    God knows nobody in the NBA wants be the next knicks of the NBA.

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    I dont know about Carmello because of his defense but they robbed the mavericks. Jason Kidd for the 24 year old devin harris and i think it was 2 1st round picks. Mark Cuban got raped.

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    Agreed MSG. That trade was never going to bring success, itd funny now Dallas wont be able to compete for a title with that team. Kidd is gone, Howard is gone as well.

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    word is that the Nets believe they have a chance to obtain LeBron and Melo...

    talk about a dynamic duo

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    Originally Posted by MSGKnickz33
    I dont know about Carmello because of his defense but they robbed the mavericks. Jason Kidd for the 24 year old devin harris and i think it was 2 1st round picks. Mark Cuban got raped.
    The Mavericks definitely got robbed. To this day, I don't know how you could trade 2 first round picks, Devin Harris, and Desagana Diop for a 34 year old player that was shooting 36.6% from the field, prior to the trade. The Mavs just fell for the hype. I knew that Jason Kidd wasn't all that. He's a great passer and rebounder, but his offense sucks.
    Jeremon Linbury

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