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Thread: Knicks comeback SO GOOD!

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    Default Knicks comeback SO GOOD!

    Take that Milwaukee! Tim Thomas put his game out there in the second half. The Knicks showed some major character in coming back from 26 down. I loved it! Milwaukee booing and T Thomas hitting clutch foul shots. Marbury played great too, as well as Kurt Thomas. Maybe we'll get going now.. Is Houston still hurt or not?

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    man, i cant believe we won. I left my house after the 1st quarter thinking it would be another L.. good thing I was wrong, looks like i missed a real good game. Hopefully they'll get some momentum and go on a streak. from the stats looks like Baker's threatening Naz for the starting job.. Lets go NY!

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    Isiah did say that he likes competition.

    Hopefully Nazr will come out on fire next game cause his starting spot is being threatned by Vin.

    Hope Vin continues to play like this!!!!

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