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Thread: Is Vin a Bigger Pickup Than Naz?

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    Default Is Vin a Bigger Pickup Than Naz?

    Im getting the impression that after a few games VIN has become THE GUY in the low post for the KNICKS.I love his tenacity under the boards and willingness to bang with centers in the paint.He also, like Penny ,was once dominant and can show flashes of these skills.Perfect for Naz to learn from as his offensive moves are not as polished as VINs.Thats why i believe Vin may very well be the knicks biggest pickup this year(post marbury).what do you think?

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    As long as Vin stays away from the bottle, he can be a tremendous help to the Knicks. Then he can be considered a bigger pickup than Nazr cause he can definately score and rebound.

    It also helps that we're not paying him as much as we're paying Nazr.

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    Here is the bottom line... I don't think that we are going to get Rasheed Wallace this summer. He is having tremendous success in Detroit. We were fortunate to sign Baker. Knicks Management's goal should be to keep this guy sober, and offer him a contract after this season, we're gonna need him. If Baker becomes an active member of the team next year Nazr can certainly learn alot from him. When Vin's age kicks in, and it will, Nazr can take over from there.

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