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Thread: [Article]: Tim Thomas' night cut short by injury

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    Default [Article]: Tim Thomas' night cut short by injury

    The Knicks' forward strained his right groin muscle on his first shot of the game, and then called it a night after the first period ended.

    "I went up on both feet, and felt it right away," Thomas said. "My whole career, I never pulled anything. I felt it instantly -- I drove to the basket, and it was painful from there on out. I kept fighting and trying to see if it was going to loosen up."

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    Rady, I am a big Tim Thomas fan. I am a Jersey guy from Passaic County who followed Thomas since high school. He is to Jersey ball as Marbury was to NYC ball. So I am still hopeful he will reach his limitless potential. But this guy has to get tougher. With Milwaukee he was always missing games with sprained ankles and whatnot. Since being traded to the Knicks he has left games in the first quarter on 3 separate occasions due to an elbow problem, stomach ache, and now a groin strain, not "pull" as he thinks. These games are crucial. Toughen up already. I know pain is hard to measure but his history precedes him here and it is tough to give him the benefit of the doubt.

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