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Thread: Pat Ewing just hurt the Knicks....

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    Default Pat Ewing just hurt the Knicks....

    says Bill Simmons

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    It's an interesting opinion... He's a overall Knick basher but when you think about it he makes some valid points... But he does say that if we had any real second option in 94 we would have won a title.

    The biggest correct thing about the article is saying trading Ewing was the downfall of the Knicks. That started the string of awful trades and signings.

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    Definitely an interesting read, and it's certainly a valid point about the 1994 finals, Ewing really played poorly for much of it (even game 7) and it's largely forgotten because of John Starks.

    As for the theory itself, I'm gonna have to pay attention and start applying this rule to everything, TV shows, etc.

    "The girls danced, started fondling me, I got aroused, they performed oral sex. I hung around a little bit and talked to them, then I left." As Marv Albert would say, yes!
    That made me spit out my coffee at the screen, classic!

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    Default Bill Simmons deserves AIDS

    **** this *******

    Without Duncan what would Robinson have achieved any more?

    Malone & Stockton?

    What the **** ever...

    Hoyas v Houston/ Ewing v Olajuwon... Ewing definitely had the better supporting cast.

    Knicks v Rockets/ Ewing v Olajuwon

    Olajuwan definitely had the better supporting cast.

    Did this **** sucker even watch that series? Ewing was beaten by the greatest center of all time IMO. For that 3 odd years from 94 onward, Hakeem Olajuwon was the greatest player since Jordan and the best center that ever lived.

    Add Ewing to a list of hall of fame centers that were analized by Hakeem in those 2 years (94-95)

    David Robinson.... Really just looked ****ing silly

    Shaquille O' Neal... Always looks confused, but Hakeem made him look mildly retarded.

    Ewing... Out of all 3 he had the most blocks and the best defensive presence and was the ONLY leader of any of the 3 opponents that took Houston to 7 games, never mind setting a finals series and individual game record for blocked shots.

    If it comes down to sour grapes that Ewing never won a title... Then go **** yourself...

    He deserves his recognition...

    Simmons wife and sister were probably working at the strip club and smoked Pats pole which as far as poles go, is far more important than a whining faggot's like Bill Simmons.

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    After reading that he "died" after the 94 Finals I stopped reading his dumbass article.

    Clearly, all basketball fans know that he PEAKED even thereafter the Finals.

    Do we really wanna run down the list for this guy? I can go on forever.

    This guy has no clue what he's talking about. Journalism FAIL.

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    Nyk Logo Ewing did it to himself

    Ewing liked a no non-sense lockerroom, being the Knicks Franchise Player gave him priveledges to call some shots.....on what players stayed and what player goes.

    Players Bernard King, Bill Cartwright, Mark Jackson, Strickland, and big-bad Mason should have never been traded during the Ewing era (they were Ewing guiders to one or two Championship rings.
    It's bad that Ewing had something to do with a couple of those players being traded.
    When G.M. Ernie Grunfeld took over and looked at the team he immediately made changes to better the team, but G.M. Grunfeld moves insulted Ewing by signing Chris Childs, Kurt Thomas, and then trading Ewing homeboys Oakley & Starks for Camby & Sprewell.

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    Give me a break! He scuffs at the notion that Ewing could ever be in the same universe as a Bill Russell. By his own philosophy..... I guess Bernie Williams is twice the player Ted Williams was.

    The only difference between Russell and Ewing: talent and eras.

    Put the TALLER Ewing on those Celtic teams, and place Bill on the Knicks in the 90s.... WHAT? You think Bill leads NY to a title, or that Ewing doesn't wina few championships himself? Please....

    Ewing never had a HOF guard to compliment him (Bill had Bob Cousy). Russell had Sam Jones, John Havlicek, Tom Heinsohn. How many HOF players did Ewing play with?

    Let's not forget that there weren;t really any other big men in Bill's day (othe than Wilt the stilt). Ewing played in an era where every team had a few big men. Heck, how many Afro-Americans even played in Bill's day?

    I think Simmons is comparing apples to donuts. Ewing was every bit as good and dominating as Bill Russell.... Rings are meaningless.

    Hey, by his own estimation... Bernie Williams is twice the player Ted Williams was!

    Ewing was actually the better OFFENSIVE player.

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    Originally Posted by mafra
    I think Simmons is comparing apples to donuts.

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