Everyone knows that Eddy Curry has been a joke for the past couple of years from being overweight to losing weight and now getting injured like it's his job.
When Curry was interviewed about his calf injury, Al Harrington was sitting next to his locker and laughed as soon as Curry mentioned his calf injury. Curry responded "I swear I'm not making this up!" Even Malik Rose laughed and said he didn't want to respond when Curry's injury problems became news weeks ago. Everyone knows that Curry is weak and can't stand any injury and so injury prone that it is becoming a joke, especially when he makes 11 million dollars next year.

Harrington proves worth as Curry is done for the season

SALT LAKE CITY – The nightmare Eddy Curry saga took an even darker turn when the Knicks maligned centerrevealed he has something torn in his calf that will take six to eight weeks to rehabilitate.

Curry is lost for the season as his comeback from knee surgery never materialized. He's played 10 games in two seasons, but still is under contract for next season.
Curry was slated to return in San Antonio two weeks ago before he sustained calf tightness that turned into a sharp pain.
A Knicks official said on Friday the MRI revealed the calf injury showed only a strain. The Knicks still will try to trade Curry next season when he becomes an expiring contract that will lift his market value.
"I tore something in my calf,'' Curry said in the visiting lockerroom at the former Delta Center this morning. "It's a tear. I was told it takes 6-to-8 weeks to heal. It's something that runs through the whole body that encases the muscle. I tore that.''
When Al Harrington, seated next to Curry at their locker, laughed, Curry said, "I swear I'm not making this up. It was freak. Something always happens to me. I don't understand it.''
Curry said he must have done it overcompensating for his knee during his hard rehab and was not a weight issue.
Asked if he's worn the jersey for the last time, Curry said, "Not at all. I'll work hard this summer and prove myself next year.''
Donnie Walsh desperately wanted to see Curry the final weeks of the season to see if the club can adjust to a low-post presence.
"I wanted it too,'' Curry said. "I did everything in my power to stay injury free. For whatever reason, this is one of those years.''
Mike D'Antoni said it looks doubtful they would bring Wilson Chandler back at this point with his sore groin. Chandler told The Post yesterday he still was aiming to come back after the trip. But D'Antoni said it may not be worth it.
"I would've loved to have him and Wilson both,'' D'Antoni said. “It didn't work out. The next step is to get ready for summer.''
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