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Thread: Stephen A. Smith's is sure Lebron to Miami

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    Default Stephen A. Smith's is sure Lebron to Miami

    I have been listening to Stephen's show on Fox radio for a while and last week he stated that his sources were absolutely certain that Lebron, Wade and Bosh would sign in Miami. Stephen has been interviewed at least twice today on ESPN NY and he is still absolutely convinced that Lebron will be a Heat tomorrow.

    He sounds very convincing (he gave several tangible reasons why Lebron should go to Miami), but my question is if it is true that his "sources" told him last week about Lebron teaming up with with Wade and Bosh, who were these sources? If they were part of Lebron's inner circle or closest friends, why reveal the information to him a week early and no one else? Also, it would mean that Lebron knew where he was going to end up either before or during the meetings with each team and that this whole "Decision Show" was one big orchestrated event from the beginning.

    I hope his "sources" are wrong, but I have to admit he has me thinking a little negatively.

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    No question Miami is a great destination, however I have said this since the idea of the "Big Three" surfaced. I dont think Lebron is at a point in his career where he would sacrifice so much just to be on a favorite in the Eastern Conference.

    He would be giving up 1) Money (i know its small but still something to think about) 2) Being the number 1 guy and the face of a franchise and 3) winning a championship without two "crutches"

    I really think he is going to sign a 3 year deal with the Knicks and see what comes out of it. I think he wants to win one on his own, and after he has truly exhausted all options, then he sacrifices all of the above and goes to the best place to win a championship.

    We will soon see what he chooses

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    Of course ESPN has a vested interest in pushing other teams. ESPN wants to keep this as suspenseful as possible to attract as many viewers as possible. It's no surprise that ESPN makes no mention of the Suns player's or Ocho Cinco tweet.

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