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Thread: Bulls get 7th pick

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    Default Bulls get 7th pick

    The Phoenix Suns have traded away the No. 7 pick in Thursday's draft to the Chicago Bulls, Insider has learned. In the process, the Suns may be out of the running for Tracy McGrady.

    The trade, which won't be announced until Thursday, will give the Suns one of the Bulls' second-round picks (No. 31), a future first-rounder and an undisclosed sum of cash in return for the pick.

    The move is no surprise on one front -- the Bulls have been looking for a second lottery pick. They have had an infatuation with Oregon's Luke Jackson for some time and sources believe Chicago likely will select Jackson with the No. 7 pick.

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    here come the bulls

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    they r stil gonna suk next year and 4 a while

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    bulls get gordon and deng. wow bulls came out of no where and got to great players. i still think its going to take time for the bulls to be a great team but this draft when very well for them.

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