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Thread: Stephen A Smith: Mello losing patience with Knicks, Knicks must get 3rd team involved

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    Originally Posted by Paul1355
    He is a top 10 player in the NBA and Gallo+Curry+1st round pick+maybe nothing for a super star.

    Sorry dude but I would not give Gallo for Melo. You said you would and thas cool.

    I would be shocked if Gallo is involved in any trade packages for Melo. You don't pick a player w his talent and potential 6th and then trade him for a player that may not end up even being better than him in the long run.

    And no, Melo is not a top ten player, not in my book.

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    Lmao. Dont trade a player who happened to go #6 (like that even means much of anything, if anything it's a negative; not as if it was some loaded class and we had to make the life altering choice between Oden or Durant).

    Because....ANTHONY...ANTHONY....might not be the one who is better than HIM (some day).

    So much fail in that post.

    I guess you fully expect Gallo to soon be replicating seasons tantamount or greater than the game and numbers Anthony (26yr) has been pounding onto the league.

    I've been a huge Gallo fan and believer, but it's just rank to not essentially be willing to think a Gallo for Melo deal is good. I'd throw in 2 1sts instead of Gallo + Chandler or Walker etc, but if it comes down to it, and it's basically Gallo for Melo you do it.


    That's a team you win with now, get better with, and can dominate with real soon.

    Deep, young, balanced, super athletic, versatile, and loaded with some premier talent.

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    If Melo really wants to be in NY and we can't get him a deal this year then he will wait till next year when we can. Giving up Gallo is silly to me because he can play 4 different positions and it gives us options. Melo is a future hall of famer, but he is limited to where he can play and his game isn't that fully well rounded. I think Gallo can improve his weak side defense and get 1.5 blocks a game down the road if he isn't close to it already.

    We would be giving up too much for a guy who can be in NY next year with little to no issue. If Melo wants to go to Chicago just to get around the CBA thing then let him.

    Too many times we have tried to hit the home run with the F.A. market and it has failed horriblely. I like the team we have because it is something that can be built on for future succes. If we get Melo it makes us better, but we still won't win a championship because Kobe is balling in his prime and his team is 20 times better. Also we lose a massive piece in our team who is a good to great outside shooter and also we lose height.

    Lets just be patient with this and let things cooldown and get to next year. That is what I would do, but with this organization and some fans need to get to the top right now the pressure is surely square on the shoulders of management to get a deal done ala LBJ.

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