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Thread: STAT Garners Second POTW Honours

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    Nyk Logo STAT Garners Second POTW Honours

    NEW YORK (AP)—Amare Stoudemire arrived in July and announced the New York Knicks were back, vowing things would be different for the longtime losers.

    “This was the plan,” he said. “The plan was to have success.”

    Right now, nobody can stop him from backing up his boast.

    Stoudemire led the Knicks to a 3-0 week, averaging 33.3 points on .588 shooting from the field and 11.7 rebounds. He scored 30 or more points in all three games and recorded two point/rebound double-doubles. His 31 points and season-high 16 rebounds at Toronto on Sunday helped New York extend its winning streak on the road to seven games.

    2010-11 Statistics
    PPG 25.3
    RPG 8.90
    APG 2.3
    BPG 2.0
    SPG 1.0
    FG% .530
    3PFG% .556
    FT% .777

    STAT's stats compared to the NBA's forwards and centers:

    -Leads league in PF & C scoring.
    -6th in blocks - 3rd in EC
    -7th in steals - 6th in EC
    -7th in assists - 5th in EC (Turiaf is 3rd)
    -9th in rebounds - 4th in EC
    -6th in FT%

    "I don't know if you can play any better than he has the last couple of weeks," said Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni, who also coached Stoudemire in Phoenix and said the All-Star is capable of extending his roll "close to 82 games."

    "His power, strength, now his outside shooting, his choices that he's making, just see
    Chris Sheridan Grades Amar'e:

    Amare Stoudemire, PF

    His past three games have produced point totals of 34, 35 and 37, and he has provided the low-post scoring presence that has been missing since Patrick Ewing took his talents to Seattle in the trade that doomed the franchise to a decade of dysfunction. Most importantly, Stoudemire and his teammates have adjusted to the collapsing defenses that so flummoxed them in the early part of the season. And in the locker room, he and Felton have provided genuine veteran leadership. A few more rebounds and a few less turnovers, and that A- becomes an A.

    Captain Jew Threw A Shoe!

    And then all of a sudden, NY has themselves a legitimate on and off court leader, and currently one of the Eastern Conference's best/most outstanding players.

    All Star, All NBA, MVP candidate.

    We have before us, not only the most exciting, but legitimately the best player (certainly the best captain) that NY has seen since Ewing's forced departure and Houston's forced retirement.

    STATsational! Should be entered into the Oxford dictionary.

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    Sorry. I got the quotes and statistics from multiple sources and didn't post them. Can't be f'd now.

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    yessir, stat has been everything we could've asked for and more his numbers are flawless, he's the best pf in this league, everyone else is a close second. just his mix of strength, athleticism, burst, and skill makes him un-guardable and a force to reckon with. everyone knows the focus is on him when opposing defenses face us yet he still gets his 30+ and thats simply what elite players do. one thing i admire most about him isnt his scoring prowess, improved defense, or even leadership. it's his 4th quarter scoring whenever the 4th quarter comes he changes to another form of player and just scores at will. and thats been the key difference. and already he's made the players around him better( i.,e. Felton[allstar], Chandler[6th man], Fields[legit ROY candidate]).

    MVP indeed

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