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Thread: Trading

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    Originally Posted by LiViNtOoLiVe
    im kinda disappointed, dampier should've been the priority, THEN crawford
    That's true, why does Thomas want Crawford sooo much????? OK we need a small guard to replace Houston if he's not healthy but it would be better if we could get a good center!!

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    Thomas needs to make a miracle by making a trade to get rid of anderson and clear up some salary cap room so that he can offer Crawford and Dampier the money they are looking for. Who knows the Bulls are trying to screw Crawford out of the money he wants. Maybe the Knicks could offer him an one year deal then offer him more money next season. I would much rather prefer that if I was Crawford than to take a five or six year contract with the Bulls that are trying to pay him much less than he is looking for.

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    knicks aren't gonna move enough of their bad contracts so that they are under teh salary cap and sign with more than jsut the MLE and LLE ANYTIME SOON...they need to spend high and win like minnesota tried this year, its their only chance for a few years

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