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Thread: Sportsline on Isiah Thomas

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    Default Sportsline on Isiah Thomas

    Item: New York Knicks president Isiah Thomas has yet to make a deal yet but has been linked to acquiring no less than Dampier, Jamal Crawford, Antoine Walker and, more recently, Vince Carter.

    What it really means: Hold on to your hats, Knicks fans, because there's really no telling what the roster will look like by the time the season starts. There is no more dogged competitor at any level than Thomas. All we know for sure is it was a perfect match hiring him in the biggest media market in the world, because you can count on the Knicks always being in the news. And while so many other general managers might be out on the golf course, trimming strokes, you can count on Thomas exhausting every resource conceivable to get the Knicks back to the NBA Finals for the first time since 1999.

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    Default Affraid !

    I'm just affraid, maybe IT works hard but isn't he working on too many deals at the same time ? I'm affraid that maybe we'll miss all of them ( JC, Dampier, Vince C ) because he wants to be on all at the same time.

    I hope we will catch one of them at least.
    JC will be a good insurance if allan doesn't go 100% next year, cause I don't want to see shannon in the starting 5 at all, he really sucks.

    Dampier will make us a contender in the east

    I trust in IT, I just want him continu to bring back intensity at the garden.


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