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Like a 2001 LUC LONGLEY jersey, here comes NUMBER 13. With today's latest Transactions, Hottest Rumors, Scoreboard and Trivia Question!!!


Here we go with the leagues Signings, Waivings, Tradings and important IL placements around the NBA. Small transaction these past few days..technically 7 Million taken out of the bank and 1 plus change put in...

Friday, April 1st 2005

The Dallas Mavericks activated Erick Dampier from the injured list and places Pavel Podkolzin on the injured list.

Lets get right to the part of this thread dedicated to the speculation and facts regarding anything news worthy around the league. Heres my Top 5.

"And so now we come to Jason Kidd. Look for Kidd to start demanding his way out of New Jersey. He has done everything but that for most of the season with his tepid support for the Nets. This from a guy who had the chance to go to the Spurs but rejected it when the Nets came up with more than $100 million through 2008-09. Of course, the Nets had to take on Alonzo Mourning for $22 million without a physical at Kidd's urging. Mourning complained his way out of New Jersey and is with Miami and a chance for a championship this season"....Not sure if this is one hundred percent accurate. I think Jason will be good to his contract as a Net. What makes me so sure? well nothing honestly, i mean nothing in life is 100%. But they put the franchise tag on him so to speak. And as that idiot Thorn did trade away Kenyon, Kittles away for nothing. He did get Vince Carter though and I think with Jefferson healthy, Vince Carter there, and a strong possibility to land Stromile Swift in the offseason...Kidd will see the light..

"As for Kidd, the Nets might like to accommodate him as well. One interesting scenario involves the Lakers. With the Lakers about to be eliminated from the playoffs for the first time since 1994 this week, they need someone to get the ball out of Kobe Bryant's hands. Only an All-Star will do. They talked patience and free agents after trading Shaquille O'Neal last summer, but that should disappear after a losing season and Bryant impatient for the club to improve. Lamar Odom never fit with Bryant because he defers too much and needs the ball in his hands more. He might work with New Jersey's Carter and Richard Jefferson, is from the East and fared best when he was with Miami last season, and is younger and cheaper"...If Kidd doesnt see the light, I guess NJ Nets fans have nothing to worry about. What about a Kidd of Odom trade? What a tandem that would be PF Lamar Odom SF Richard Jefferson SG Vince Carter...almost as nice as the Jefferson, Carter and Kidd one...and in all actuality its easier to find a good point guard or decent for that matter then a good power forward...

The Bulls are expected to learn today when center Eddy Curry will get medical clearance to play. But even if Curry -- who continues to be hospitalized while being treated for an irregular heartbeat -- gets the go-ahead, it likely would be several more days before he would be ready for game action. 'There's a certain rhythm to the NBA season that guys get used to,'' coach Scott Skiles said. ''Now, all of sudden, Eddy's been forced to lay around for two, three, four days, or however long it's going to be. ''We're going to be smart about it. You may see him back but not actually play. It's all up in the air right now.'' A few days of inactivity could be all it takes for a player to lose the conditioning required to compete at a high level in the NBA. That's why Skiles warned some of his younger players before the All-Star break that they would be wise to get in a workout or two during their four days off. Curry's stay at Rush University Medical Center has been longer than expected, but Bulls insiders say the reason has been mainly to give him a thorough examination to fully identify the cause of the irregular heartbeat -- and to do everything possible to prevent it from being an issue in the future. ''From what they're telling us, they're just being cautious, that they found the problem, they're going to fix it and it's not as bad as we thought it was,'' guard Chris Duhon said. While Curry's condition involves a more serious issue, the Bulls also are keeping a close eye on guard Kirk Hinrich, who has been playing with a left hamstring injury. ''We're just going to have to manage it,'' Skiles said of Hinrich's injury. ''I'd like to say that at some point it'll clear up, but it doesn't look like it. It looks like it's going to go right down near the end [of the season]. We're just going to try and manage it as best we can.'' With 10 games remaining in the regular season, the Bulls (41-31) virtually have wrapped up a playoff berth and likely will be the fourth or fifth seed in the Eastern Conference. That's certainly a winnable first-round series, but to have any chance of advancing, the Bulls know they'll need to be at full strength and clicking when the postseason begins. That's nice,'' veteran guard Eric Piatkowski said of the Bulls' playoff position, "but it'll really be nice if we can get everyone healthy and get our entire 12-man rotation out there because we're going to need that in the playoffs.'' Said Skiles: ''We want to be at full strength, but we can only control what we can control. Guys get hurt and things happen. 'We've got to be very pleased with where our position is right now, considering all that is going on. ''But we have to get them back as soon as possible and develop into some sort of rotation and rhythm as we go down the stretch. That would be nice.''...All I want to say is get well soon Eddy Curry!!! So you can put that Knicks jersey on next season haha YES my dream saga continues!!!...

Magic ownership has been putting on its best face about the arena issue, saying the politically correct things -- or, frankly, not saying much at all.This much is becoming clear:Privately, the franchise is no longer optimistic about its future in Orlando.The confidence the Magic once had about keeping the team in town has faded.At the moment -- and things can change fast -- Rich DeVos' family is starting to get that same queasy feeling it did before it lost Shaq.Disheartened by hotel-row feedback and newspaper polls, the Magic have run into a political brick wall. They're feeling they might have to launch the franchise's greatest comeback.I detect the Magic's reaction to the latest vibes they're receiving goes beyond the normal posturing. Because in the baseball vernacular, the Magic have yet to throw out the first pitch -- or threat -- of the arena-annexing season.They're quietly preparing to make their case for a new arena soon, a tug-of-war that figures to rage for another year, probably longer.While emotion drives sporting endeavors, this comes down to business -- what makes the best financial sense for Orlando and the basketball team.The city offered the Magic a renovation proposal for its 16-year-old arena. The Magic are studying it and taking their own polls. But they really don't believe renovation makes sense, even if they haven't publicly said so."One thing we're clear on, we'll do our due diligence," Magic President Bob Vander Weide told the Sentinel. "We'll be methodical, prudent business people, which is why we can't say anything about renovation."The point the Magic will make is simple: A new arena will serve more than just tall guys in sneakers."There has got to be a win in this for a lot of different individuals with a lot of different interests," Vander Weide said. "Tourist row has to find a win in whatever facilities get built in this community. They are the economic engine. There has to be a home for the arts. It does sell and create a lifestyle that we want to promote here. It has to be a venue that brings new concerts. . . . And then a venue that will also fulfill our home needs as the Magic."Any facility we're headquartered in, it better service the entertainment needs of this community. It better be a building that can support 200 nights of activity a year because that's what good buildings do, of which we would be one quarter of that."Because of the fallout from the Buddy Dyer mayoral mess, Vander Weide said, "We also have to wait for the city to organize its leadership again."The Magic might feel better if former mayor Bill Frederick comes out of retirement to hold the city's hand through this upheaval. Frederick was instrumental in Orlando landing its first major-league team and getting the arena built in 1989.Most talk has centered on a new arena being built near downtown in an overall economic development plan. But Vander Weide said he wasn't about to "lock myself into a location."Get this: He's not opposed to the building of an arena, ironically, near I-Drive, where leaders of hotel row have fought the Magic's desire for tourist-tax dollars."If its location dictates it move south, to tourist row, then let's have that discussion," Vander Weide said."At some point and time, whenever that is, this facility, in its current condition, will be obsolete by NBA standards," Vander Weide said. "[Commissioner] David Stern said that. I don't know when that time line is."All I know is the clock is ticking."This just in Magic President Bob Vander Weide told Magic Confidential recently that the franchise could look for a limited partner or partners.The Magic say they also would be willing to listen to Michael Jordan (again) or perhaps Tiger Woods or -- once he retires as a player -- Shaquille O'Neal."..Well Florida already has another team in the Heat and just like Sacramento mite move to Nevada (a state that doesnt have a team) maybe the Magic should give a teamless state a franchise...how about the Hawaiian Magic? or Alaskan Magic? or better yet...Maine Magic?!?!

The Pistons, long aware of coach Larry Brown's eccentricities, were prepared to find a replacement for Brown if he had decided not to return after surgery. Friends say Brown's wife doesn't care for Detroit and that, despite his repeated denials, New York remains his likely landing spot. If Brown leaves, Detroit radio remains abuzz with rumors again of Tom Izzo leaving Michigan State"..My feeling is to keep Herb even though the media would rag Isiah for it because they want a BIG name and that only. Larry Brown is a great coach ill give him that but hes getting old what almost 70 now? 2 surgeries this season?..lets call it a rest Larry...

ThE sCoReBoArD
IND 79 - WAS 76
PHI 97 - BOS 93
NYK 102 - MIL 106
DAL 80 - CLE 100
MIN 112 - SAC 100
DET 113 - TOR 103
LAC 111 - ATL 91
SEA 92 - GSW 101
LAL 82 - MEM 102
PHO 91 - HOU 78

tRiViA tImE
Alright heres a new part where Ill ask a trivia question one day, answer it the following and post a new question along with the answer. Alright, we did a "QuickQuestion", we did a "MathematicalMaze" and we did the "ChainGame" Todays question is "WhoInTheWorld?" Heres how it works, there will be a fact at the top of the question that by process of elimination you will answer. Just write the alphebet down and as you answer the questions, erase the letters beside your answer for example...(What is Ariza's jersey number...ABC) 21...you would cross off ABC on the alphabet)...the letters you are left with at the end of the 5 questions either duplicated or rearranged equal the answer...confused just PM me...but until then here its is...enjoy....(PS, PM me your answers and ill post the winners up the following post!)


NUMBER OF TEAMS California, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin & Michigan have combined???
ABC) 12
FGH) 11
MNO) 9
STU) 7
WXY) 5

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in a different country this season???
HIJ) 4
NOP) 3
LMN) 2
QRS) 1
UVW) 0

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in Louisiana this season???
XZ) 4
RU) 3
ED) 2
AB) 1
YS) 0

NUMBER OF TEAMS That's state name begins with the letter N???

NUMBER OF STATES That dont have an NBA basketball team???

#3's ANSWER:::The ChainGame Starting Line Up is....C Amare Stoudemire PF Shawn Marion SF Tracy McGrady SG Jason Richardson PG Gilbert Arenas

Congradulations to Brian_Coleman_21!!!

Well that wraps it up, post at will and just over all enjoy!!! Goodnight, Good write!!! peAce Go Knicks!!!

Special thanks to the ESPN.com, NBA.com, Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sentinel

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