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Like an old ANTHONY MASON jersey, here comes NUMBER 14 With today's latest Transactions, Hottest Rumors, Scoreboard and Trivia Question!!!


Here we go with the leagues Signings, Waivings, Tradings and important IL placements around the NBA.

Tuesday, April 5th 2005

Chicago places Luol Deng on the injured list and activates Jared Reiner from the injured list.

L.A. Lakers place Chris Mihm on the injured list and activate Vlade Divac from the injured list.

New Jersey names Petra Pope senior director of marketing and entertainment.

Washington activates Antawn Jamison from the injured list and places Anthony Peeler on the injured list.

Tuesday, April 5th 2005

San Antonio signs Glenn Robinson and waives Dion Glover.

Sunday, April 3rd 2005

L.A. Clippers place Zeljko Rebraca on the injured list and activate Mamadou N'Diaye from the injured list.

L.A. Lakers place Lamar Odom on the injured list and activate Brian Cook from the injured list.

Memphis places Stromile Swift on the injured list and activate Dahntay Jones from the injured list.

Lets get right to the part of this thread dedicated to the speculation and facts regarding anything news worthy around the league. Heres my Top 5.

#5.DOTCOMS:::BLAZERS SUCK..NO???The person who owns the domain name www.BlazersSuck.com is selling it on EBAY. In 2001, the Blazers bought a fistful of other anti-Blazers Internet domain names including Blazerssuck.org, ihatetheblazers.org and JailBlazers.org. The franchise also became the registrant for Whitsittsucks.org.A spokesperson for the Blazers told me in Oct 2003, "We have no plans to renew those domain names when they expire. That's part of our new pledge."Well, I just checked on that and the Blazers renewed those domain names in July 2004 and they own them through July 2005....nothing of importance just found it hilarious..now Im going to start my search for knicks sites in the same tone of speaking...i wonder if JamalCrawful has become one yet???

#4.LAKERS TO PHIL:::COMEBACK JACK???Former coach Phil Jackson will be at Staples Center on Thursday for the game against the Houston Rockets. Jackson was invited by Laker owner Jerry Buss, but both sides maintain it is not a business meeting....I hope he goes back to LA, hope he stays in LA, drama drama drama from both...PERFECT

#3.CAVALIERS TO CHANGE:::PAXSON OUT, ANTHONY IN???Sources told ESPN's Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday that Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert will fire general manager Jim Paxson within the next 48 hours.The team released a statement from Gilbert after Cavs' loss to New Jersey addressing the report: "I don't think it makes sense for us to comment on the truth or the inaccuracy of rumors related to key positions in our organization."One report in the Akron Beacon-Journal suggested that Gilbert has been talking to candidates for the GM job, including former NBA player and current ESPN NBA analyst Greg Anthony.Asked about the reports on ESPN's "NBA Nation," Anthony said, "No comment. I don't know why a lot of this stuff has come about ... I'm very happy working here."...Yea Paxson should be gone, and will be gone...i mean he has not done a horrible job by any means and Boozer wasnt his fault...but he did get rid of Ricky Davis and Darius Miles..they just needed a coach to tend to them not to be shipped out of town...look how there doing now...Greg Anthony? Dont know how he would do but if it's a chance they are willing to take, go for it..

#2.THOMAS' PICK:::LOOKING OVERSEAS???With the college basketball season over, Isiah Thomas, in full draft mode, is off to Europe next week for the second time this season, sources said. Before heading overseas, the Knicks president will head to the first pre-draft camp for college seniors in Portsmouth, Va., that begins today and also a Memphis event that includes a European all-star team over the weekend. Next week, the Euro league is amidst quarterfinal play in outposts such as Tel Aviv, Italy and Greece. Thomas took a 10-day trip to Europe in February, mostly to Spain. Because of his increased scouting, he hasn't traveled with the team since December. The Knicks, who need a center and shooting guard, have two first-round picks — this year and next year. One of this year's picks will be a lottery one; the other either 28th or 29th, depending on the Suns' finish. After Utah's Andrew Bogut, the second-best center in the draft is 7-3 Lithuanian center Martynas Andriuskevicius, who has piqued Thomas' interest. However, some scouts believe the 19-year-old center is a borderline lottery pick because he could be two years away from making any impact and he plays very sparingly for his Lithiuanian team. Other European prospects who could go in the lottery are Spanish power forwards Fran Vazquez and Tiago Splitter, Spanish swingman Rudy Fernandez and Serbian 6-10 forward Nemanja Aleksandrov. While the Knicks don't necessarily need a point guard, the NCAA Tournament has elevated the lottery stock of Illinois' Deron Williams, who could be the defensive-minded guard the Knicks lack...My first instinct is why is this kid slated to go so early? He's not that versatile, he's only big...and thin to add to it. He has one scoring move and that is simply it. Like the article said he had never played a full season of basketball to date...hopefully Isiah sees the light on this one...light equals a number 14, 7 foot tall, Johan Petro...

#1.STOUDEMIRE:::SUN TO STAY???He’s not making a formal announcement. But, in the clearest indication so far about his plans, Amaré Stoudemire suggested he’d like to continue his career with the Suns, saying he’s happy playing for the club. Stoudemire is eligible to sign a six-year contract extension this summer with the Suns. Asked if he wants to stick with the club, Stoudemire said, "No question about it. I love the city, the ballclub, the organization. "I don’t want to fix anything that’s not broken." Stoudemire had been much less definitive on the subject in the past. Also, eyebrows were raised recently when Stoudemire wondered whether he was getting enough touches in the Suns’ offense. Later, he backed down from that comment. "He’s fine," Suns chairman Jerry Colangelo said. "He’s young, but he’s fine. In the big picture, everything is OK." Coach Mike D’Antoni said, "To me, at 22, he’s the franchise. His upside is unlimited."...Sorry to all the free agent hopefuls that think your teams going to land Amare. Said it from day one, I dont believe hed leave a winning team like that. Expect them to hand over a big contract though...probably 10 million for 4 years...worth it? YES

BOS 116 - WAS 108
LAC 104 - CHA 102
NJN 111 - CLE 80
IND 97 - NYK 79
NOH 96 - ATL 86
CHI 86 - MIA 104
DEN 94 - MEM 91
ORL 105 - DAL 114
POR 79 - UTA 90
LAL 99 - PHO 125
SEA 101 - SAC 122
HOU 117 - GSW 122

tRiViA tImE
Alright heres a new part where Ill ask a trivia question one day, answer it the following and post a new question along with the answer. Alright, we did a "QuickQuestion", we did a "MathematicalMaze" and we did the "ChainGame" Todays question is "WhoInTheWorld?" Heres how it works, there will be a fact at the top of the question that by process of elimination you will answer. Just write the alphebet down and as you answer the questions, erase the letters beside your answer for example...(What is Ariza's jersey number...ABC) 21...you would cross off ABC on the alphabet)...the letters you are left with at the end of the 5 questions either duplicated or rearranged equal the answer...confused just PM me...but until then here its is...enjoy....(PS, PM me your answers and ill post the winners up the following post!)

NUMBER OF TEAMS California, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin & Michigan have combined???
ABC) 12
FGH) 11
MNO) 9
STU) 7
WXY) 5

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in a different country this season???
HIJ) 4
NOP) 3
LMN) 2
QRS) 1
UVW) 0

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in Louisiana this season???
XZ) 4
RU) 3
ED) 2
AB) 1
YS) 0

NUMBER OF TEAMS That's state name begins with the letter N???

NUMBER OF STATES That dont have an NBA basketball team???

#3's ANSWER... The ChainGame Starting Line Up is....C Amare Stoudemire PF Shawn Marion SF Tracy McGrady SG Jason Richardson PG Gilbert Arenas

Congradulations to Brian_Coleman_21

STILL WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO ANSWER THE ONE ABOVE SO I CAN POST A NEW ONE...THANK YOU! HAHA...by the way if anyone can come up with a picture for all my Today in NBA articles id appreciate it, like a logo THANK YOU

Well that wraps it up, post at will and just over all enjoy!!! Goodnight, Good write!!! peAce Go Knicks!!!

Special thanks to the ESPN.com, NBA.com, New York Post, East Valley Tribune, Oregon Live, and the Los Angeles Times

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