Edition 16

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Like a 1992 BO KIMBLE jersey, here comes NUMBER 16. With today's latest Transactions, Hottest Rumors, Scoreboard and Trivia Question!!! ALL Rumors today about your New York Knicks!!!


Here we go with the leagues Signings, Waivings, Tradings and important IL placements around the NBA.

Wednesday, April 20th 2005
Chicago places Tyson Chandler on the injured list and activates Frank Williams from the injured list.
Detroit places Richard Hamilton on the injured list and activated guard Horace Jenkins from the injured list.
Philadelphia places Chris Webber on the injured list and activates Michael Bradley from the injured list.
Sacramento places Peja Stojakovic on the injured list and activates Bobby Jackson from the injured list.

Tuesday, April 19th 2005
Miami places Shaquille O'Neal on the injured list; activates Dorell Wright from the injured list.

Monday, April 18th 2005
Chicago places Eddy Curry on the injured list; signs Lawrence Funderburke.
Milwaukee places Joe Smith on the injured list; activates Daniel Santiago from the injured list.

Sunday, April 17th 2005
Indiana activates Jermaine O'Neal from the injured list and places Jamaal Tinsley on the injured list.
Washington activates Anthony Peeler from the injured list and places Damone Brown on the injured list.

Saturday, April 16th 2005
Houston activates Moochie Norris from the injured list and places Vin Baker on the injured list.

Atlanta activates Kevin Willis from the injured list and places James Thomas on the injured list.

Friday, April 15th 2005
Detroit activates Ronald Dupree from the injured list and places Darvin Ham on the injured list

Thursday, April 14th 2005
Miami activates Rasual Butler and Christian Laettner from the injured list; places Qyntel Woods and Wang Zhi-Zhi on the injured list.

Wednesday, April 13th 2005
L.A. Clippers place Corey Maggette on the injured list and activate Zeljko Rebraca from the injured list.
San Antonio activates Tim Duncan from the injured list and places Linton Johnson III on the injured list.
Washington activates Brendan Haywood from the injured list and places Peter John Ramos on the injured list.

Lets get right to the part of this thread dedicated to the speculation and facts regarding anything news worthy around the league. Heres my Top 5.

#5.OPTIMISTIC ALLAN:::HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM??? NEW YORK -- Allan Houston has not put on his uniform since Jan. 19, and he will miss 62 games in a season that has been a complete loss for him and the Knicks. But despite the fact that an arthritic condition in his left knee reduced him to cheerleader status most of the year, there is still no talk from him about retirement. Houston finally acknowledged what everyone has basically known for weeks -- that he won't play again this year -- but he stated his new goal of playing over the summer. Houston may attend the NBA Summer League in Las Vegas this year to work out with the Knicks entry there, though he doubted he would play in games. Even though he hasn't played or even practiced with the team in 2 1/2 months, Houston, who turns 34 on Wednesday, wants to keep working out when the season ends so all the work he has done to this point isn't lost. "My goal is to play a lot this summer," he said, "to play as much as possible so I can be ready and be sharp for training camp." Houston was on the bench for last night's awful 139-135 overtime loss to the Atlanta Hawks, the NBA's worst team. It was the 42nd consecutive game in which he couldn't help because of the arthritis in his knee. Houston has been going through all kinds of rehabilitation for the injury, both traditional and nontraditional, and he says it's all working -- very slowly, though. "I feel it's making good progress," he said. "I don't want to lose out on all of that. So my goal is to play, work out and just work on my game a lot this summer so I'm not starting from scratch when training camp comes." Back on Jan. 26, Isiah Thomas was asked about the possibility of Houston retiring because of the injury, and the Knicks president didn't dismiss the notion. In fact, he suggested reporters ask Houston about it. "That's a question that only the player can answer and that probably would be a good question for you to ask him," Thomas said that day. "But as an organization, we'll continue to support him and try to help him overcome his injuries." Houston, who has two years and about $40 million remaining on his contract, vehemently denied he would retire and has stuck to that. However, at the time he was confident he would come back this season. Now he is looking at summer league practices, or maybe running in pickup games in New York, just to be certain he will be playing this summer. "I don't know what the date will be," Houston said, "but I'm very sure of that."

...not putting my money on him EVER coming back to full health. He's needs not to rush it and he also needs to not sit on that bench and collect his paycheck doing nothing..

#4.T MINUS 40:::KURTAIN CALL??? KURT THOMAS placed himself on Isiah Thomas' endangered list the moment he stood up to Stephon Marbury. With just a few choice words, Kurt Thomas emerged as the locker room martyr as well as the Knick most likely to be deported next. "Do I regret it, is that what you're asking me?" says Thomas. "No. Not at all. That's just something that happened. Anything I do I don't regret it. I just deal with it. Have I made mistakes? Yes. And when I do I learn from it." Thomas has been a walking, talking trade rumor for several years. Just two months ago he was nearly dealt to Cleveland until the Cavs backed out at the last moment. With five power forwards on the roster, the Knicks again will be looking to make changes and Thomas is an obvious candidate to be traded for several reasons. He has value as a player, his contract is reasonable and he nearly came to blows with Marbury following a victory against Cleveland in late January."I don't even think about getting traded," Thomas said. "I always hear my name being mentioned, but the New York is still across my chest." Over the past 16 months, Thomas' name has been linked to deals for Malik Rose, Erick Dampier and Drew Gooden. If the Knicks can include Thomas in a deal for a center, someone along the lines of Dampier, Zydrunas Ilgauskas or Kwame Brown, it would make sense to trade him. But trading Thomas simply to placate Marbury and not getting equal value in return could prove disastrous. The Knicks still are licking their wounds from including Dikembe Mutombo in the Jamal Crawford deal last summer and then giving Shandon Anderson a $19 million buyout one week into the season. Both players could have given the Knicks two things they clearly lack: defense and leadership.Those transactions seemed to have more to do with personality conflicts than basketball as Isiah Thomas, the Knicks president, had a famous falling out with both players. And in a recently published book about Sebastian Telfair called "The Jump", the father of the rookie point guard recounts a conversation he had with Marbury in which Marbury takes credit for getting Keith Van Horn traded. Kurt Thomas is one of just 11 players in the league averaging a double-double. He can play two positions and is the team's best low-post defender. "You don't win without guys like that," Herb Williams said

...Is Kurt leaving? hmm of course he is. How many times has his name come up? And the only reason Isiah hasnt used him yet is because he doesn't want to waste him on something useless..He did go for the Gooden for Thomas trade...and I would of loved it. But new owner meant pulling away from any big deals..I think it's just a matter of time aka the offseason before he leaves us. Hopefully brining something good in return like a Center...and not something like #3...(see below)

#3.HOMETOWN BOY:::WELCOME TO WALLYWORLD??? Expect Knicks president Isiah Thomas to make another run at disgruntled Timberwolves star Wally Szczerbiak this summer. After the Wolves were eliminated from the playoffs Sunday, the Long Island sharpshooter said he deserved to start late in the season, admitted he could use "a fresh start" and indicated he might ask for a trade this summer. The Knicks had talks with Minnesota last August about a trade of Kurt Thomas for Szczerbiak, who would be a surefire starter. Isiah Thomas is planning as if ailing Allan Houston will never play another game for the Knicks. Szczerbiak, 28, will return to his Long Island home in Cold Spring Harbor next week. He's familiar with the Knicks, having made regular appearances at their summer basketball camp. "It would be appealing," said his father Walter Szczerbiak of playing for the Knicks. "He's always said that. I think he can help the Knicks because you don't know what Allan Houston's going to be doing." Houston, the arthritic-kneed shooting guard, will likely be sitting on the bench next season in a $2,000 suit, collecting a $19.1 million wage. "I can understand why people are skeptical," said Houston, who's been out since Jan. 20 and will miss tonight's game in Chicago and tomorrow's season finale at home against Washington. "That's the way life is. People have gone through it before and I'm not giving up. A lot of people in my situation would give up, sit down and that would be it." The dilemma is giving up a big man, Kurt Thomas, for a swingman, Szczerbiak. But the Knicks desperately need a reliable 3-point shooting threat to whom Stephon Marbury can dish. If Kurt Thomas or Michael Sweetney go in a deal, the Knicks would shift Tim Thomas to power forward. Szczerbiak told reporters in Minnesota: "I'm sure my name will come up in trade talks again. If I went somewhere else, it would be exciting. It would be a fresh start." Knick assistant, Brendan Suhr, who has Thomas' ear, is a supporter of Szczerbiak, who shot 51 percent from the field - 12 points higher than Jamal Crawford. Houston, who squashed retirement talk, is considering practicing with the Knicks' summer league team in Las Vegas in July. A source, however, said he's leaning against it. "I will play this summer, find somewhere and work on my game," said Houston, who hasn't played since Jan. 19. "I don't want to come into training camp behind, just because I haven't played in a long time."

...I used to argue the point of Kurt for Wally. Saying no no no. Now that we have 15 Power Forwards. Who cares right? NO! Dont do this trade!. There's positives and negatives towards the situation Ill give him that...Negative:::Huge Contract, Injury Prone...Positives:::Young, Great FG%, Hometown kid...I'm still very heavily leaning towards the no, saying we should save Kurt for something better seeing he's one of our few trading figures. And even though it doesnt matter any more to NY that 4 year 46 million dollar contract isn't very attractive to me...

#2.ZEN MASTER:::FROM KNICKS PLAYER, TO KNICKS COACH??? Sometime within the next 10 days, the Knicks formally will reach out to Phil Jackson to gauge his interest about becoming their next coach. And when the Detroit Pistons' season ends, quite possibly in mid-June, Isiah Thomas will make a run at Larry Brown. Three months after Lenny Wilkens was fired, Jackson and Brown remain the two leading candidates to take over one of the league's marquee jobs. Whether the Knicks can land either one is something of a longshot. Jackson's credentials are unmatched: he owns nine championship rings, he would bring instant credibility and he's currently unemployed. But unlike the teams Jackson inherited in Chicago and Los Angeles, the Knicks are devoid of a superstar player and are not on the verge of competing for a championship. Former Garden president Dave Checketts, who six years ago tried to hire Jackson, said recently he believes that Jackson would rather take over a team like Cleveland, which has LeBron James and enough salary cap room to sign a free agent like Ray Allen or Michael Redd. "I do not think he wants to coach again unless he can step into a ready-made situation and be very competitive," Checketts said three weeks ago. ". . . I promise you he is all about his legacy now and why spoil it by coaching a team that might not make the playoffs." Depending on whom you listen to, Jackson might go to the Knicks or Cleveland, return to the Lakers or just sit out another season. One scenario that shouldn't be discounted is Jackson negotiating with the Knicks to run the team from the front office. After all, the Knicks went behind Scott Layden's back to hire Thomas and Thomas is too shrewd not to know that he could be ousted in similar fashion. Because Jackson could be seen as overly ambitious, Brown would be a safer choice for Thomas. Of course, it helps that Brown and Thomas have a close relationship. The one major stumbling block is that Brown is under contract with Detroit and has said that his last job will be with the Pistons. If and when Jackson and Brown are eliminated from contention, Thomas will have an interesting decision on his hands. Flip Saunders is a viable candidate but likely would end up in Portland or Orlando before he joins the Knicks. And as recently as two days ago, Thomas told people close to him that he has no intentions of becoming coach. If not Jackson, Brown, Saunders or Thomas, Herb Williams could defy the odds and return next season. Thomas admires Williams and appears inclined to give him a legitimate shot once the aforementioned candidates are crossed off the list. If Williams returns, there could be changes on the Knicks' bench. Brendan Suhr is expected to move back into the front office and Williams would be allowed to appoint his own staff. That would leave the status of Michael Malone, Mark Aguirre and George Glymph up in the air, although Aguirre is Thomas' best friend and should be safe. Thomas will never admit it but the Knicks are, for better or worse, rebuilding. If Thomas, who has a good history in the NBA draft, picks a few good players and lands an impact free agent, the Knicks could have the makings of a playoff roster. Under that plan, Thomas could give Williams another shot and then possibly take another run at Jackson or Brown next summer if the Knicks don't show significant improvement in 2005-06

...It seems as though he will be going back to the Lakers. That is fine with me. At first I have to admit I was excited about Jackson. BUT then you seem to realize who he is and what he had done. More importantly with WHO. We really dont have WHO'S. We have more of WHAT'S. The triangle to me is outdated. Ex. The Lakers..and with Marbury's game, Crawford's misses and not any other options for "good" shooters, it wouldnt work here either. He's made for LA, the drama, the persona, the money etc etc. He's a star made for the bright lights of Hollywood not the "mean" streets of New York...

#1.SUMMERTIME:::LIVING NOT SO EASY??? The hot rumor floating around the United Center late Tuesday was that Phil Jackson is leaning toward a second tour of duty with the Los Angeles Lakers. So not only will Jackson get the girl, Jeanie Buss, but he's in line to receive a king's ransom from his girlfriend's father, Lakers owner Jerry Buss. No one ever accused Jackson of being stupid. Of course, where does this leave the Knicks, you ask? "Larry Brown, would you please pick up the white courtesy phone." If the rumors about Jackson are indeed true, and if Brown is sincere that coaching the Detroit Pistons is his last stop, then it's safe to assume that Isiah Thomas' defining offseason is getting off to a rousing start. Hiring the right coach is almost as important as assembling a quality roster. Just look at what Scott Skiles has done for Chicago, Mike Fratello for Memphis and Jeff Van Gundy for Houston. Thomas has faith in Herb Williams, and if the coach does return, the Knicks president is prepared to do whatever he can to help him succeed. According to sources, that would include allowing Williams to hire his own staff. "Whatever happens, happens," Williams said of his future. "Hopefully it works out for the Knicks. I've been here a long time and they've always treated me right. I want what is best for them. If it's me, that's great." Thomas' main duty this summer is to rebuild the Knicks, who won last night's season finale against Washington, 113-105, to finish with a 33-49 record, their fourth straight losing season. Thomas will be the first to admit that the team failed and took a significant step back. But maybe this will be his one mulligan. Now, it's up to him to show the Knicks' loyal fans that there actually is a plan at 2 Penn Plaza. Say what you want about Garden chairman James Dolan, but at least he is an owner who is willing to throw money into his team. But at some point, Dolan needs to see results or else Garden CEO of sports Steve Mills, Thomas and Williams will all be in trouble.Despite Dolan's willingness to spend, spend, spend, logic tells you that it's time for the Knicks to start from scratch. How do we know if Knicks fans won't be patient if no one has ever tried to rebuild? This year marks the 20th anniversary of the franchise drafting Patrick Ewing, whose legacy continues to grow as Knicks' losses mount. And until the Knicks make a real commitment to rebuilding, they are in danger of going another 32 years without a championship. Even if Thomas isn't ready for an extreme makeover, he has to be realistic about his team and make everyone on the roster available. That would include his four prized possessions, Stephon Marbury, Jamal Crawford, Michael Sweetney and Trevor Ariza. Thomas has two first-round picks to play with - look for him to draft a point guard - plus the $5 million mid-level exception to use on a free agent. Kurt Thomas is probably gone and the team will try to move Tim Thomas and Penny Hardaway. Good luck.

BACK TO SCHOOL: Knicks assistant coach Mark Aguirre has emerged as candidate to become the next head coach at DePaul, his alma mater. "I have heard some rumors but I really don't know much more than that," Aguirre said. Aguirre, who attended DePaul from 1979-81, is the school's all-time leading scorer. If Williams returns as Knicks coach, Aguirre would likely be retained. But if Jackson or Brown is hired, either would coach bring in his own staff.
Summer plans
The challenge of retooling the Knicks begins today for Isiah Thomas. The following is a list of players Thomas may pursue in the offseason:
Lamar Odom He's having trouble co-existing with Kobe Bryant, which for obvious reasons makes Odom available. If the Knicks are serious about playing a quicker style and spreading the floor with shooters, Odom would be a great addition. He can play power forward, run the offense and create mismatches. Odom had shoulder surgery two days ago but should be ready for camp.
Wally Szczerbiak A talented small forward who would like nothing more than to return home. He's also a favorite of his Long Island neighbor, Jim Dolan. Knicks tried last summer to trade Kurt Thomas for Szczerbiak.
Al Harrington A favorite of Isiah Thomas, who coached him in Indiana. Harrington could give the Knicks a low-post presence. Hawks GM Billy Knight already burned Thomas by trading Rasheed Wallace to Detroit and Antoine Walker in successive years. Maybe that's what Thomas, Knight and Frank Murphy, Thomas' right hand man, were all laughing about in the tunnel late Sunday as Atlanta was humiliating the Knicks.
Erick Dampier The Knicks have been trying to acquire the veteran center for three years and with Dallas always re-tooling its roster Dampier could be available again. Two other trade possibilities are the Blazers' Zach Randolph and the Clippers' Elton Brand.
Ray Allen The best free agent on the market but the chances of the Knicks getting involved are slim because Seattle would have to do a sign-and-trade and the Knicks don't have enough pieces to land someone as gifted as Allen. The same can also be said of another free agent shooting guard, Michael Redd.
Zydrunas Ilgauskas The Cavs' free agent center will attract plenty of interest around the league as will Washington's Kwame Brown. Again, however, what do the Knicks have other than Kurt Thomas, to give anyone?
Stromile Swift The athletic free agent forward is on the Nets' radar screen and exactly the type of player Isiah Thomas covets.
Damon Stoudamire If the Knicks don't draft a point guard, Stoudamire would interest Thomas, who originally drafted him in Toronto
....all we know for sure is that this summer will be a great one to watch carefully. The moves of Isiah Thomas this summer as well as before the tradedeadline can make or break the knicks. No one looks to be safe. The roster will be definetely shook up and you can expect atleast 3 new faces on the Knicks roster...all draft picks. I don't see Isiah parting with Marbury nor Ariza. Sweetney and Crawford are pretty good possibilities. The chances of a trade coming before the draft is possible but I don't think likely. Why would he want to move up? Marvin Williams? BUT a trade flatout mite work. Maybe are 2nd first round pick and (insert Penny, Tim, Kurt, etc) for a player. Can't really determine as of yet what Isiah is going to do, then again you never can. I guess we'll just have to sit back and watch the Summer unfold...

pLaYoFf sCoReBoArd



tRiViA tImE
Alright heres a new part where Ill ask a trivia question one day, answer it the following and post a new question along with the answer. Alright, we did a "QuickQuestion", we did a "MathematicalMaze" and we did the "ChainGame" Todays question is "WhoInTheWorld?"
Heres how it works, there will be a fact at the top of the question that by process of elimination you will answer. Just write the alphebet down and as you answer the questions, erase the letters beside your answer for example...(What is Ariza's jersey number...ABC) 21...you would cross off ABC on the alphabet)...the letters you are left with at the end of the 5 questions either duplicated or rearranged equal the answer...confused just PM me...but until then here its is...enjoy....(PS, PM me your answers and ill post the winners up the following post!)


NUMBER OF TEAMS California, Texas, Florida, Wisconsin & Michigan have combined???
ABC) 12
FGH) 11
MNO) 9
STU) 7
WXY) 5

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in a different country this season???
HIJ) 4
NOP) 3
LMN) 2
QRS) 1
UVW) 0

NUMBER OF TIMES The Knicks played in Louisiana this season???
XZ) 4
RU) 3
ED) 2
AB) 1
YS) 0

NUMBER OF TEAMS That's state name begins with the letter N???

NUMBER OF STATES That dont have an NBA basketball team???


Well that wraps it up, post at will and just over all enjoy!!! Goodnight, Good write!!! peAce Go Knicks!!!

Special thanks to the ESPN.com, NBA.com, New York Post, New York Daily News

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