Chandler: I would’ve repped Mavs with Prez

Tyson Chandler said if his former Mavericks team couldn’t have gotten to the White House to attend a ceremony with President Obama to celebrate its NBA championship, he would have been willing to take the trip there himself.

Dallas owner Mark Cuban called the NBA “stupid’’ for not scheduling the Mavericks to play in Washington this season because of the shortened 66-game schedule. That decision nearly kept Cuban’s team from being feted for its 2011 title, as is the custom. However, Cuban, on his own, arranged a team visit for Monday before the Mavericks’ road trip to Detroit and Boston.

Chandler’s Knicks play the Wizards in Washington twice this season, including last night.

“I understand why [Cuban is] angry,” Chandler said. “It’s one of the things you look forward to. I was going to see since I play here twice, I’d go to represent them and accept everything on the Mavs’ behalf.’’

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Chandler: I would’ve repped Mavs with Prez