Dolan & TWC play game at fans' expense

We can’t say when this cable blackout imposed on you, the fan, by Time Warner Cable and the Madison Square Garden Network will end.

Nor does it really matter.

The only certainty is this: When it’s over, there will be another . . . and another. These money grabs go back many moons. Like to the late 1980s when Cablevision, which now owns MSG, threw MSG, then owned by Gulf+Western, off its systems for 10 months.

Back then Charles (Man From Monopoly) Dolan, father of current Cablevision/MSG boss James (Guitar Jimmy) Dolan, was in the middle of the mess. Now it’s the son, on the programming side of the dispute, muddling through the propaganda battle with TWC.

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Dolan & TWC play game at fans' expense