Knicks hold off Magic to stay perfect

The frustration was beginning to show as Carmelo Anthony fought to create space under the basket and tried in vain to score over Maurice Harkless.

It was a futile exercise as Harkless, the rookie out of St.  John’s, twice rejected Anthony’s shot while avoiding being called for a foul. All Anthony could do was shake his head in disgust.

“It was obvious,” Anthony said of not drawing a whistle. “You guys saw it. You don’t need me to elaborate on that.”

Yes, there were moments on Tuesday when the no-name Orlando Magic made things tougher than Anthony and the Knicks would have expected. And no, the referees were not about to help them out. But in the end, the post-Dwight Howard Magic couldn’t stop the Knicks’ leading scorer and the NBA’s only unbeaten team.

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Knicks hold off Magic to stay perfect