Season just around the corner!

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Season is just around the corner! Finally some basketball. There should be some last minute trade buzz around the league in coming weeks. The Knicks have to be among those teams most talked about they have a ton of players. Thank god for preseason basketball. Is it just me or was anyone else getting tired of all the off court issues. I don't have much to say about those issues except that they are office related. I'm a basketball fan. I just can't wait for the focus to switch back to basketball. I am not going to concern myself with the non basketball related business operations of MSG.


A trade or a signing now that's news. Everything else is for the judge to decide and for the behind the scene people to deal with. Let the businessmen deal with the consequences, let the fans deal with basketball! We want to know about our team. So I'm tired of hearing about the trial. It's taking away from the team we have under construction.

On to more important issues, like whats going on with the Knicks roster? They already released Dickau but by possibly adding Houston they have 20 players. The roster limit being 12 with 3 IR spots leaves 5 players to be cut, released, traded or sent overseas.

Where are all the stories about how this is going to be resolved? Obviously Roderick Wilmont and Walker Russell will not be on the team. What
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