Waiting for KO2010

KnicksOnline.com is back!
KnicksOnline.com is back!

There've been some rough years with the current version of the website KnicksOnline.com but the long awaited new website is coming out soon. Although we've expected a launch tonight, there are still some bugs that need to get fixed before we can finally move into a brand new house.


It's already up and running, some of the content from the old site was able to be saved and imported in the new database, some of the content (such as the headlines) was not. We know it's difficult to keep you all coming mostly for the forum without having any updates on the website (yeah, even the roster seems so 2007) but here's something new: While we'll try to fix the little bugs that still give us headaches, we're gonna treat you with a couple of teasers that will look great on your desktops (no matter you're screen is wide or normal)!

Created by the designer of our site, Marius Rosca, the wallpapers contain elements from the upcoming site that we hope you're gonna like.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the downloads section and give your desktop a fresh new look :)

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