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Knicks outran the Hawks 91-89.

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Who Will the Knicks Select in the 2018 Draft? Thu, 21 Jun 2018 06:40:11 +0000 Assuming a trade doesn’t occur within the next 24 hours for the Knicks to move up or down in the draft order, the franchise will try to find its next piece to aid Kristaps Porzingis by picking 9th overall in the 2018 NBA Draft on Thursday night.

With this in mind, I want to provide the five main candidates the Knicks will likely be selecting from at this position in the draft and important information and analysis about them.

I give some of my individual opinion of these players but seeing that people on television get these things horribly wrong, I simply provided facts and basic analysis on a player’s college performance, basic skills, and potential/ceiling that they could grow in to.

So, the five realistic options to choose from that will be available at the number 9 slot are Collin Sexton, Kevin Knox, Mikal Bridges, Trae Young, and Wendell Carter Jr.

Collin Sexton

Photo by: TonyTheTiger / Wikipedia

Collin Sexton would be the clear most-likely pick for the Knicks if he played a different position. Standing at 6’2″, Sexton is a point guard, and the Knicks already have Frank Ntilikina, who was picked 8th overall last year, and may favor a wing player.

The Alabama freshman set the nation on fire this year, averaging 19 points per game with a 50% effective field goal percentage. Talking about his offense, he’s set to be a great scorer in this league based off of his skill set and performance.

Sexton possesses a solid 3-point shot that should translate into the league to at least make him a treat from behind the line and can use his strength and craftiness to get to the rim at will.

However, it has to be noted that he has a track record for taking very contested, poor quality shots around the rim and ill-advised 3-pointers when his team could get a better shot.

This and his weak passing ability are red flags because it raises questions about his decision making and playmaking ability, something one looks for in a floor general.

However, these flaws could be tolerable if he truly is a talented scorer, as seen in that more and more star point guards are just really good scorers rather than traditional playmakers and get assists off of the fact that defenses have to sag off of others to help with stop players like Russell Westbrook, Kemba Walker, or Eric Bledsoe, and a good pass then becomes available.

One of his greatest strengths is his defense. Although the guard is only 6’2″, he is very strong and has a 6’7″ wingspan. Combine that with his characteristics as a tenacious and aggressive defender, and he could be a defensive nightmare. I personally think it is acceptable to draft another point guard even if we already have Ntilikina, so Sexton is high on my list for who the Knicks should draft.

Reminds me of: Eric Bledsoe

Kevin Knox

Photo by: TonyTheTiger / Wikipedia

Forward Kevin Knox just capped off his season as the best player on Kentucky. As good as he was this year, he still needs to “put it all together” to truly unlock his scoring potential and become what the Knicks would want him to be.

Also, there is a question as to whether he will be a small forward or a power forward. He played and attacks well from the wing but may be too slow on defense to guard other wings and be moved to power forward which he is not as physical for the position as one would like, not to mention this team already has a young star power forward in Kristaps Porzingis.

Still, he is a gifted scorer and has shown he can put the ball in the basket while slicing his way to the rim, using his soft touch for a floater, or even from behind the three-point line. Knox posted a 34.1% 3-point percentage, but I believe his shot can translate even better into the league because the jump shot mechanics are definitely there.

His defense, on the other hand, is very questionable and at times he falls asleep and gets beat backdoor. I would assume this can be fixed when you are getting paid millions to not fall asleep, but this does not take away from the fact that he has been a poor on-ball defender as well.

Still, I stand behind scouts who say that Knox’s stock should be rising, and I hope that he is still available at number 9 because I am leaning toward him as well as Sexton, due to his offensive star ability if he is able to put it all together.

Reminds me of: Tobias Harris or a poor man’s Kevin Durant

Mikal Bridges

Photo by: TonyTheTiger / Wikipedia

Mikal Bridges spent his junior year as a key piece in Villanova’s national championship run. To me, Bridges is one of the simplest candidates for a Knicks selection at number 9 in that you most likely know what you will get from him.

The consensus on the Wildcats’ wing is that he will develop into a very, very good role player. This may not sound like a compliment when there are potential stars in the midlottery, but the specific type of player this guy is is the most coveted type of player in the current NBA.

Bridges is essentially a 3 and D wing. He is not the best at creating his own shot but plays well off of others and can grow into a superb defender and shooter.

This season, he shot an outstanding 43% from behind the arc with a credible sample size of 3-point shots. Mikal also shows promise to be a very good defender because he was a part of a great defense in college, is athletic, and has a shocking 7’2″ wingspan.

Fizdale, being a good defensive coach in Memphis, could use him well. In this era, a player like this is a talent that every team wants, so the Knicks could opt in on this safe pick, even if his ceiling is lower than a Kevin Knox or Trae Young.

Reminds me of: Robert Covington

Trae Young

Photo by: TonyTheTiger / Wikipedia

You already know about this man? Shocking. Trae Young lead the nation in points per game (27.4) and assists per game (8.7) in his only season as the point guard for the Oklahoma Sooners.

As indicated from these numbers, Young is a talented passer and gets most of his buckets from behind the arc. From this, the point guard is drawing comparisons to anywhere from Steph Curry to Jimmer Fredette.

He is arguably the biggest risk-reward player in the draft and has a higher ceiling than most of these other players. The star offensive potential is clearly there, but the things that would hold him back from reaching it are either his poor shot selection in taking bad 3’s or his athleticism leading to an inability to get by defenders and finish at the rim.

Going along with this, his lacking natural athleticism causes him to be a terrible defender. I am convinced that in his rookie year, Trae Young will be literally one of the five worst defenders in the league.

Even though he will never be a good defender or maybe even a decent one, playing with Frank Ntilikina, professional defensive stud, will create an ability hide Trae on defense.

I was debating whether or not to put him on this list because he is the least likely of these players to be available for the Knicks to take at the 9th pick. However, mock drafts such as The Ringer see him falling into our lap and he has expressed his desire to play for New York, and if the Orlando Magic pass on him at number 6, I can see him winding up on the board for us.

Reminds me of: Prime Brandon Jennings or a poor man’s Steph Curry

Wendell Carter Jr.

Photo by: TonyTheTiger / Wikipedia

The last prospect that will most likely be available and a real candidate to be drafted by the Knicks is the center out of Duke, Wendell Carter Jr. While there is nothing that is a dominant strength in his game, there isn’t really a weakness either.

The main criticism to his game is he is not the most athletic player, which holds him back from being absolutely deadly in the pick and roll. He also appears to have a limited offensive game and in turn a limited ceiling because he is not a Mohamed Bamba-like defensive force.

The primary way he gets buckets aside from easy dunks off the pass is through the post, a method which is becoming less and less tolerable in the pace and space era of the 2010’s. This seems like I am down on the guy, but I certainly am not.

I actually got to meet Wendell the day I am writing this and I think he is not only a safer pick but a valuable young player. He shows potential to stretch the floor as he has great shooting mechanics and at the very least can have a spacing ability similar to LaMarcus Aldridge of the Spurs in that he can step back and be knockdown from midrange.

He also has little glaring weaknesses and this spacing makes him useful and easy to play alongside Porzingis. Also, his lanky frame has enabled him to get many buckets off of the pick and roll and hopefully he could boost his scoring numbers with this talent.

On defense, he is no slouch and is an above average rim protector and his mobility indicates that he could hold his own when switched onto quicker guards in the pick and roll (both attributes are coveted in the NBA). Overall, I think Carter Jr. could be a quality piece for a franchise aspiring to be a contender years down the line.

Reminds me of: Clint Capela

What the Knicks will do Thursday night is still an unknown, but one can be certain that they will have multiple talented prospects that each have their own way to fit into this team and system. Let’s hope the front office makes the right choice.

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Which players could the Knicks draft following the NBA Lottery? Wed, 23 May 2018 21:24:45 +0000 The Knicks know exactly which pick they’ll have in June. The ninth best team overall gets the number nine pick. Sounds about right. Now comes the hard part for Steve Mills, Scott Perry, Gerald Madkins and new coach David Fizdale, who were all at the Draft Combine in Chicago last week.

Those four key figures, along with members of the coaching staff, have been involved in some intense research, interviews and analysis as they try to work out a Draft strategy that can build on the promising elements of the current roster.

Even the most optimistic Knicks fans would admit that, at best, they are a season or two away from a postseason appearance, and it would take something stunning at the Draft to dramatically shift New York’s position in the online betting markets with Stakers. However, the foundations are there for Fizdale to build something special.

General manager Perry has said that their approach will be to pick the best player available.

However, he has also hinted that they probably won’t be going for a guard. That’s not surprising. The roster already has three point guards. Trey Burke and Emmanuel Mudiay have potential, and it is still possible that Frank Ntilikina could develop into a franchise player.

Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Ron Baker make up a strong-looking shooting guard contingent.

This isn’t to say that if by some strange circumstance, Collin Sexton became available, the Knicks wouldn’t grab him, but assuming that doesn’t happen, it’s pretty clear where they need to strengthen. They desperately need a wing player, and above all, they need be longer and more athletic on defense. A solid forward who can also shoot would fit the bill.

Which players are likely to be on the Knicks’ radar when the Draft gets underway? Here are five lively contenders.

Mikal Bridges

By: Frankie Vision

Mikal Bridges ticks all of the boxes. The 6-7 Villanova star is long, athletic, solid in defense and can shoot. As the only upper-classman in the lottery, he has a physical advantage over the other picks and he knows how to win. Bridges led Villanova to two NCAA titles in the space of three years, and has the maturity, size and frame to slot straight into the small forward role from the first day. He is also likely to be able to play different positions, so would add a welcome level of versatility to the roster. If he’s available, he’ll surely be their first choice.

Wendell Carter Jr.

By: Too Mainly

Of course, you need a plan B in every Draft, and if they miss out on Bridges, the Knicks could use their number nine pick on Wendell Carter Jr. The Duke forward is definitely more of a rough diamond than Bridges, but he’s bigger, at 6-11, and as well as being able to shoot, he’s pretty versatile, having played at power forward and center. Carter Jr. wouldn’t be a bad call, though there is a question about his defensive ability.

Michael Porter Jr.

By: Frankie Vision

Beyond Bridges and Carter Jr., predictions become a little more speculative. Michael Porter Jr. would certainly be a risky acquisition. The 6-10 forward only played three games as a freshman at Missouri. He was closely scrutinised at the Combine, and if he did enough to impress in his physical work, he could be on the Knicks’ list.

Miles Bridges

By: Frankie Vision

One of the most intriguing possibilities could be Miles Bridges. Bridges is more of a power forward than a small forward. He won’t satisfy the Knicks’ need for a forward who can shoot, but he has the kind of hustle that can energise a team, never gives up, and pulls off some spectacular dunks. Sure, he’s far from the finished article, but there’s plenty of raw material to work with, and though he doesn’t tick all the boxes, he could end up a fan favourite.

Kevin Knox

By: Frankie Vision

Kevin Knox would be a great offensive forward pick. He’s an excellent shooter and can score off the dribble and in catch-and-shoot situations. His versatility and his speed in transition should also count in his favor, and after playing under John Calipari at Kentucky, he will be more NBA ready than most in the Draft. His defense, though, is something of an unknown quantity, and he will need to work on it.

The Knicks face a tricky scenario at the Draft. They need more defense, and their ideal pick would be a long, physical forward who can shoot. However, they are not so close to being the finished article that they can afford to overlook other possibilities. Expect them to stay flexible and take advantage of whatever comes their way in the number nine slot.

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What does the Fizdale hire change? Mon, 14 May 2018 17:58:43 +0000 It was announced on May 4th that David Fizdale is to become the next head coach of the New York Knicks.

The team signed him to a 4-year contract that will make him the first new coach in the post-Jackson era.

Among the coaches they interviewed were former Warriors coach Mark Jackson, former Cavaliers coach David Blatt, former Hawks coach Mike Budenholzer, Heat assistant Juwan Howard, Celtics assistant Jay Larranaga, Clippers assistant Mike Woodson, Spurs assistant James Borrego, and Toronto G League coach Jerry Stackhouse.

Recently fired Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek was not a bad coach, in my opinion, but he was not hired by the current front office and this hire presses the full reset button on the Phil Jackson tenure. So, this hire was really about putting the next foot forward with a different front office.

Fizdale was surprisingly fired by the Memphis Grizzlies last year after the team’s 7-12 start to the season (a .368 win percentage), and the team only got worse finishing with a 22-60 record and a .268 win percentage.

While many saw Fizdale as the “fall guy” for their failures, in reality it was due to the lack of talent in Memphis. The year before, he leads the Grizzlies to the playoffs, taking the 7 seed and pushing the 2-seeded Spurs to 6 games. Before this, he most notably served as an assistant under Erik Spoelstra’s dynastic Miami Heat for 9 years.

So, why did the Knicks hire him?

First off, they made this move in the hope that Fizdale could model the team to be more “modern” on offense.

During prior years in Memphis, the team was the epitome of pre-Warriors, grind-in-the-post, inefficient basketball. However, when David Fizdale was given the reigns, he shifted the offensive dynamic of the team into more of a flexible, shooting team.

This can be seen best when he pulled bulky, slow Power Forward Zach Randolph from the starting lineup in place of the more versatile Mychael Green. This provided the team with more shooting and switchability on defense.

So, it is not crazy to say that Fizdale should help the Knicks’ offense become more “modern” and 3-point oriented. Bottom line effects of this are that we become more like the teams that are in the Western Conference Finals in shooting more 3-pointers, and I believe this rate will help Kristaps Porzingis be better utilized off of the ball and shoot more catch-and-shoot jumpers.

More on offense, it is notable that David Fizdale likes using point guards. In Memphis, Mike Conley had a top 20 usage rate of players who qualified, and it is safe to say that Conley is not a top 20 player or someone who should be having higher usage in 2016-2017 than Kevin Durant and Gordon Hayward. Aside from this also being a modern strategy, the use of the point guards will help develop guys like Trey Burke, Frank Ntilikina, and Emmanuel Mudiay more quickly.

From his interviews, defense seems to be Coach Fizdale’s top priority.

The Grizzlies processed a physical defensive culture, and while that was not established by him, Fizdale knows how to run a team focusing on defense.

In his only full year as coach, Memphis reflected his defensive focus by posting a top-3 points allowed per game in the league. Now, how that will translate, I am not sure, but the first and last words in all his interviews surround the topic of defense, so he will at least give it his best shot. In his world, he says that he can develop Mudiay and Ntilikina into hustling and defending monsters.

This won’t come to fruition if he is also pushing them with high usage rates, but I believe that at least he can instill a solid defensive mindset into them.

I am not going to sit here and claim that Fizdale is going to fix everything right away, or even that he is going to fix most things at all. Anything in that matter would really just be speculation. Rather, I have laid out a plan for what Fizdale aims to do in the Big Apple, and have shown that his past experiences leave him well suited to execute and demonstrate that he can make the correct adjustments for this new franchise.

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David Fizdale Can Fix the Knicks Wed, 09 May 2018 10:16:46 +0000 The New York Knicks’ coaching search was a thorough one, to say the least, with the team bringing in multiple candidates before making a final hiring decision. And after big names like Mark Jackson, David Blatt and others were considered, the hierarchy opted to go with David Fizdale.

Fortunately for the Knicks, they may have gotten this decision right, as Fizdale is the kind of coach that may finally be able to right the ship in New York.

Fixing the Knicks’ Defense

When the Knicks decided to fire head coach Jeff Hornacek, they did so with their defense in mind. The team was in the bottom third of the league in points allowed last season, giving up 108 per game. That simply was not going to get the job done, whereas the hiring of Fizdale was a sign that the team was ready to address their problems on that side of the floor.

Fizdale, in his two years at the helm as the head coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, was a proficient defensive coach. Despite being known for his “take that for data” rant following a loss to the San Antonio Spurs, his Grizzlies did put on defensive clinics regularly. In the 2016-2017 season, Memphis was the third-best team in the league in terms of points allowed per game, and were in the top ten in defensive rating as well. For a Knicks team that has struggled to get stops, Fizdale could be a great way to fix that.

When it comes to the NBA Playoffs, it is a must to be able to lock in and get stops on the defensive end. This is evidenced by odds to win the NBA Finals. As of May 8, 2018, the Golden State Warriors are – 125 to win the NBA Finals at Betway, thanks to their ability to lock down on the defensive end of the floor. With Fizdale in charge, the Knicks may be able to get some stops and dramatically improve their odds next season and beyond.

Fizdale’s To-Do List

For David Fizdale to fix the Knicks, there are a few things that he will need to do early in his tenure as head coach. Doing these things can help reverse the damage of the Phil Jackson era, and get the team back on track in their rebuilding efforts. And of course, failure to accomplish these items will make Fizdale’s tenure in New York a short one.

At the top of Fizdale’s list needs to be mending the club’s relationship with star big man Kristaps Porzingis. The new Knicks coach is meeting with Porzingis in his native Latvia with the intention of making Porzingis feel every bit like the star that he is. Porzingis averaged over 20 points per game with the Knicks last season before having to shut things down for the year due to injury concerns.

If Fizdale can make Porzingis feel important, he will be able to go a long way toward making sure that the Latvian stays in New York. In the past, Porzingis has hinted at leaving the Knicks at the end of his contract. That would force the Knicks to start back at square one in their rebuilding efforts, and Fizdale needs to do what he can to avoid it.

The point guard position is another area that Fizdale needs to figure out. The Knicks have three point guards currently, and need to choose who to put their faith in going forward. Young players Frank Ntilikina, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Trey Burke have all shown promise at times. But promise will not translate to wins in the playoffs, and Fizdale needs to evaluate which of these players gives the team the best chance to win going forward.

There are, of course, plenty of other areas that Fizdale will need to work on as the head man of the Knicks. But defense, keeping Kristaps Porzingis, and determining who their point guards will be are his most urgent priorities. If he can get those areas settled and the team can buy into his defensive philosophy, there is a chance that the Knicks can be a playoff team within Fizdale’s first season in charge of the team. No matter what, though, the Fizdale hire was a smart one at the time.

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Knicks hire David Fizdale as head coach Fri, 04 May 2018 18:15:19 +0000 After meeting with several possible candidates for the position of head coach of the New York Knicks, among which Mike Brown, David Blatt, Juwan Howard or Mark Jackson, GM Scott Perry and President Steve Mills found the guy that will lead the Knicks over the next four years in David Fizdale.

The parts entered negotiations following a meeting on Thursday in New York City between Fizdale on one hand and James Dolan on the other hand, who then gave his approval to Perry and Mills, as reported by ESPN.

Once the deal sealed, Fizdale set his first move as he plans to travel in Europe and meet with Kristaps Porzingis in Latvia to build a solid relationship. A call that resembled to the one Pat Riley made when he was hired as the head coach for the Knicks back in 1991, with his first order of business being the relationship with Patrick Ewing.

Before getting to New York, Fizdale coached the Memphis Grizzlies for one season and led them into the Western Conference playoffs. The Knicks haven’t played a post season game since 2013.

David Fizdale was also part of the Miami Heat championship team when he was an assistant to Eric Spoelstra for eight years. Spoelstra had nothing but nice words to say about him.

“He’s a brilliant basketball mind that has exceptional, gold-standard level communication skills. He’s one of my best friends. But I say that objectively. I just think he’s one of the most talented coaches I’ve been around.”

Eric Spoelstra


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Who is the Point Guard of the Future? Sun, 15 Apr 2018 06:30:15 +0000 Although New York City boasts the production of many talented, crafty point guards (such as Kemba Walker and Stephon Marbury), the New York Knicks roster has not featured a superstar or even All-Star point guard in recent memory.

Aside from a few exceptions in the top tier of small forwards, including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, the most talented position in today’s NBA is the point guard.

Nearly every year, the Western Conference has a star point guard like Chris Paul or Damian Lillard, both top 25 players in the NBA, snubbed from the All-Star roster. Similarly, three candidates to replace injured players on the Eastern Conference All-Star roster were floor generals Goran Dragic, Kemba Walker, and Ben Simmons.

Considering that there is so much talent at the position, it is remarkable that the Knicks have had trouble filling out their roster with talented point guards.

Looking forward, as the Knicks look to rebuild the team, there are three point guards that are sharing minutes because their potential is still not proven; it is potential after all. However, they have all shown flashes while all being age 25 or younger.

Now, the front office must decide which of Frank Ntilikina, Emmanuel Mudiay, and Trey Burke to bet on. So, let’s take a look at the potential point guards of the future for the Knicks and how likely they are to fulfill what New York needs.

Frank Ntilikina – the main option

Frank Ntilikina’s potential is the most unsure of these three young men.

He was drafted as a point guard, but in his rookie year, he seems to be in between the point guard and shooting guard positions.

His 6’6 height and unbelievable 7’0 wingspan allow him to play as a combo guard for now. This length is also the reason that Ntilikina’s biggest strength is his defense. He has already proven he can play phenomenal defense on some of the best guards in the league by holding Chris Paul and John Wall scoreless on a combined 24 possessions when they were matched up.

The combination of his visible length and proven skill lead me to believe he has the potential to be a top three defensive guard in the league. Ntilikina’s offensive abilities are weaker largely due to his lack of a consistent jumper.

However, he seems to have the poise and skill to at least keep the defense honest, if not be an offensive weapon in the future. His struggles on the offensive side boil down to that he just isn’t “Americanized” in his style of play, meaning that he does not have the same development of certain skills that are being taught to many young, American-born players. Specifically, in this notion, I notice that he is slow when handling the ball and is, therefore, not explosive when attacking the basket. This is the primary reason for his lack of playmaking ability.

He also does not have a satisfactory 3 point shot yet, but his mechanics appear sound and hard work could be huge dividends. As long as Frank continues to work hard and adapt to the NBA style of play, I can see him becoming a slightly above average starter (similar to current Reggie Jackson) that could help establish a defensive culture in New York.

Emmanuel Mudiay – The backup

Considering that he was picked up in the first half of the 2015 draft lottery, Emmanuel Mudiay’s career has been disappointing so far in that he hasn’t made tremendous progress since his first season.

His greatest strength is that he is very quick, which gives his dribble-drive game potential. However, his jump shot is nowhere to be seen.

I believe that his lack of a jump shot will stop him from becoming a respectable scorer since the defense can simply sag off. Finally, it has been publicized correctly that Mudiay turns the ball over a disproportional amount.

This is common with young point guards, but this is Mudiay’s third year and he is yet to cut his turnover numbers down, which is a red flag.

Although Mudiay is less athletic and an overall worse version, he is similar to a poor man’s Russell Westbrook in his athleticism, large turnover count and lack of a jump shot. I would put him as the lowest potential because he is, in my opinion, the least productive and most limited.

Trey Burke – The surprise element

Because of Burke’s prior play, I never would have expected him to be the most promising point guard on an NBA roster this season.

However, after his recent unsuccessful stint coming off the Wizards’ bench, Burke has experienced a revival after signing with the Knicks in January after playing with its G-League affiliate in the first half of the season.

Burke’s play in recent games has been the most impressive out of the three young candidates, but he is already 25 years old, while the others are 19 and 22.

As a viewer, I am forced to ask the question of where Frank Ntilikina will be compared to current Burke at the same age, 6 years from now.

Yet, there is still no denying that Burke has the talent to continue to put up sudden outbursts of potential as seen on March 26th against the Hornets, when he dropped a casual 42 points and 12 assists.

He is extremely athletic and uses change of direction extremely well.

Burke’s 3-point shot is inconsistent, but when he is hot, then his explosiveness and ability to shoot from range can make him a handful.

Down the line, his game will be limited without a jumpshot, but shooting is teachable; Burke’s current skillset is not.

I am reluctant to place him on a pedestal as New York’s savior because he can score the ball sometimes, but I would like him to be the man until Ntilikina (hopefully) surpasses him with time.


Oh, and there is a secret 4th option to find our PG of the future: The 2018 NBA Draft.

Yes, after talking about three young point guards that already have a roster spot, I still would consider drafting another one because there are two talents that look very appealing.

The team is projected to pick either 8th or 9th in the draft, and both Collin Sexton and Trae Young are projected to be picked in the 6-11 range.

Picking another guard seems unnecessary when we have zero young wing assets with impressive potential, but this draft is stocked with centers and point guards while the only wings conceivable to draft are Mikal or Miles Bridges.

Not going too far in depth, I think the two floor generals mentioned have high ceilings.

Collin Sexton is already in New York’s heart because of his 40 point performance at the Barclays Center. He is strong, athletic, and a flat out shot maker who will translate well into the NBA.

With Trae Young, the same athleticism is certainly not there, but he has shown that he can handle insane media attention like that in New York. He is a hit or miss prospect, and while his floor is Jimmer Fredette, his ceiling could be through the roof if he can put everything together at the next level.

I am still not fully committed to any one of our current players.

Because we lack a combination of offensive upside and youth in a single player, I lean towards drafting another point guard.

Both still might be available, and while I am overlooking guys like Mikal Bridges, I don’t think drafting a SF just because we could use one for next season is smart for years to come.

The ceiling for our three current guys does not seem very high or certain as I believe that Mudiay is a 6th man at best, Trey can be no more than a starter for a playoff team, and Frank is a huge question mark.

So, the draft seems appealing, but the grass is always greener, and we could also accidentally clog up the young PG position. Either way, the Knick’s front office has some decisions to make when it comes to the future of point guards in the Big Apple.

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Jeff Hornacek relieved from duties. Rambis too. Thu, 12 Apr 2018 20:03:09 +0000 Head coach Jeff Hornacek was relieved from his duties after the win in Cleveland, the official site of the New York Knicks reported.

Hornacek, who still had one year of contract, became head coach of the Knicks on June, 2016 and with him in charge, New York went 60-104 during a span of two seasons.

Alongside Hornacek, Kurt Rambis was also relieved from his duties after being part of the team for the past four seasons.

So far, the candidates that appeal to Steve Mills and Scott Perry are Mark Jackson, Jeff Van Gundy, Doc Rivers, Jerry Stackhouse, David Fizdale, David Blatt and Craig Robinson.

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Knicks wrap up season with win in Cleveland (110-96) Thu, 12 Apr 2018 19:36:55 +0000 The New York Knicks ended another season without making it into the playoffs, with a success against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

With LeBron James and most of their starters being limited to just 11 minutes or less, New York cruised over Cleveland to a 110-96 victory at the Quicken Loans arena.

1 2 3 4 T
Knicks 20 37 27 26 110
Cavaliers 20 17 34 27 98


The Knicks were led by rookie Luke Kornet who scored a career high 23 points in 28 minutes, shooting 9-14 from the field, including 4-7 from long distance. Trey Burke added 19 points and was just one assist away of a double-double while Frank Ntilikina dropped 16 buckets.

The second quarter marked one of the best periods for the Knicks, when they outscored their opponents by a margin of 20 points. From that moment on, the game was in the books.

James, who played his 82th game of the season set a new personal record, being for the first time in his career when he carried out a regular season without missing a game.

With this win, the Knicks now fall to 9th lottery seed and still hold a big chance of picking only 10th, while the Cavaliers, who own Nets’ pick, will most likely select before New York.


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Damyean Dotson sets team record as the Knicks crush the Heat, 122-98 Sat, 07 Apr 2018 15:05:13 +0000 It was one of those nights that started good for the Knicks and ended terrific. Second round pick, rookie Damyean Dotson set a team record, after he posted 30 points and 11 rebounds in Knicks 122-98 win over the Heat at the Garden.

1 2 3 4 T
Heat 23 27 28 20 98
Knicks 34 29 33 26 122


Another strong statement came from Luke Kornet, who also finished with career numbers, scoring 17 points.

Both rookies made four three pointers as the Knicks made 18 shots from long distance, a season best.

Trey Burke delivered 17 buckets and Kyle O’Quinn dropped a 14 & 14 double double.

The Knicks dominated their rivals on both ends of the floor and posted better numbers at all chapters. They outrebounded Miami 51-42, dished 33 assists versus just 20 by the other side and shot over 50% from the field compared to Heat’s 39,8%.

However, it was not all pretty. Tim Hardaway Jr. sprained his left ankle and will probably miss the rest of the season. Hardaway, who missed 22 games this season with a stress fracture, was helped off the court straight to the locker room. Fortunately, the X-rays were negative.

Michael Beasley was another blow for the Knicks as he bruised his left knee with just 18 seconds into the game.

Miami was led by Goran Dragic who scored 15 points, Hassan Whiteside added 14 and Joe Johnson dropped 12 points.

The Knicks will host tonight the 42-37 Bucks and end the season with a couple of matchups against the Cavaliers.

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