View Full Version : Kurt Thomas

Mar 29, 2003, 06:17
The Knicks don't mind that Kurt Thomas is aggressive. They're not asking him to curb his rugged but effective style.
But what nobody can figure out is why in the Knicks' most pivotal time of the season, Thomas can't resist committing the "silly" fouls (as Latrell Sprewell called them) that can add up and even kill his team's momentum.

Take Wednesday's 101-95 loss to the Nets, which left the Knicks 21/2 games behind Washington and two behind Milwaukee in the playoff hunt heading into tonight's rematch at the Garden.

Thomas managed to play just 23 minutes due to foul trouble and was on the bench for most of the deciding fourth quarter. Worse, he compounded his personal fouls with a third-quarter technical.

The Knicks never recovered.

what's happening to kurt?