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Mar 09, 2012, 15:47


Clyde & The Pearl
Mar 09, 2012, 15:50


So we trade a talented big that has no space in MDAs offense for another talented big. Wouldnt we still have the same problems?

Mar 09, 2012, 15:57
I'm glad we're using the trade thread at the top of the page. Anyway, why in the world would LA do this trade? They're shopping Gasol for young premiter guys and last time I checked Amare is 6'11 260. I don't think he has any experience at point guard and even though he played for Dantoni I don't think he can hit from outside on a consistent basis.

**o yeah LA wont take Amare uninsured contract.

Mar 09, 2012, 15:59
Lastseason (2010-11) Gasol showed he have no more interest in playing winning basketball....it showed big time in Gasol poor performance vs Mavs in the postseason.

Mar 09, 2012, 16:04
STAT isn't going anywhere with that contract....next player

Mar 09, 2012, 16:22
Why do you not use the Trade Thread ?

Also for a trade to be viable it must just not fit in salary but in terms of what a team is looking for.........

The only person we can trade right now is Melo......and that will not happen...

and Truth is until we have a new coach it should not......If Phil Jackson comes in he will be the one coach who can lets us know if Melo has it or not ...meaning the defensive and hustle end........

Mar 09, 2012, 16:52
I guarantee you by march 14th this board will be flooded with trade threads :boohoo:..only team that would take Amare off our hands is the sixers.

Mar 09, 2012, 17:08

Mar 09, 2012, 17:50
IMO it doesn't make sense to trade an underachieving soft max PF for an other underachieving soft max PF...

Mar 10, 2012, 00:21
So we trade a talented big that has no space in MDAs offense for another talented big. Wouldnt we still have the same problems?

I would trade Stat for Gasol in a heartbeat. That would be highway robbery.

Mar 10, 2012, 00:31
Why would the Lakers want Stat? Lakers need a PG or a true center. Stat is neither.

But I would love to have Gasol on this team. He can hit mid-range jumpers and has a good low post game.

Mar 10, 2012, 02:12
How does that trade make any sense or make the lakers a better team. Gasol has been 10 times better than stat has been this season. The only thing the Lakers are trading him for is a legit PG.