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Apr 04, 2003, 03:13
The agent for Vujanic told The Post yesterday the Yugoslavian point-guard stud has agreed to a two-year deal with a prestigious European club and will not play for the Knicks next season at the very least.

Though saying Vujanic will ultimately have a long, prosperous career with the Knicks, his proclamation that Vujanic has a deal in place is dismal news for the lottery-bound franchise, which would've preferred to have him on the roster next season.

"Yes, it is true," agent Goran Ristanovic said in an exclusive overseas telephone interview. "Milos will play two years on a famous European club. We know he can play in the NBA but Milos is thinking, and I am too, his basketball career goes step-by-step. First step is Europe, next step New York."

Ristanovic said Vujanic will have an out after the first year. Vujanic, 23 next season, will make more than $1 million, according to Ristanovic. Vujanic, an esteemed shooter/penetrator averaging 25 ppg, is now finishing up his season with his Yugoslavian club team, Partizann, making $100,000. The European club plans to buy out his Partizann contract, Ristanovic said.

"After one year, maybe he will come to New York," Ristanovic said. "Maybe one year, maybe two years. If the player is real good, it doesn't matter. We want to say to New York fans and the Knicks that when he's 24 or 25, when he has some money in his pocket, he will come to the NBA. And I know he will play for New York. And I know he will play in the NBA very long - 10 years. He has great feeling about the Knicks."

Ristanovic said he will not release the name of the team until early June when Vujanic finishes the season. There is speculation it could be Real Madrid, the franchise with Europe's deepest pockets looking for a shake up.

Asked repeatedly if Vujanic could still change his mind, Ristanovic said no.

Apr 04, 2003, 10:19
:rolling: what can i say... guess we'll mess another season.. layden did it again

Apr 04, 2003, 11:14
"Yes, it is true," agent Goran Ristanovic said in an exclusive overseas telephone interview. "Milos will play two years on a famous European club. We know he can play in the NBA but Milos is thinking, and I am too, his basketball career goes step-by-step. First step is Europe, next step New York."
well, at least they're still thinking about NY
LAYDEN :****off:

May 01, 2003, 04:38
milos was drafted by NY last year, second round pick, so if he comes he'll play for NY

Jun 26, 2003, 12:43
latest on hoopsworld, milos ends in italy
sad isn't it?
It is finally over. Milos Vujanic, one of the best if not indeed the best player in Europe at this point, has said an unequivocal no to the New York Knicks. This two-month old saga started when Vujanic's agent Goran Ristanovic went straight to The New York Post and said his client agreed to a two-year deal with what he described as a "famous European club".

What Hoopsworld reported to you as fact, that the deal wasn't previously signed, proved to be true today when Vujanic inked his new deal. But to everyone's surprise it says that Milos Vujanic will play in Italy not for the next two years, but for the next three years.

In the next few days, presumably after tomorrow June 24th when Vujanic returns from Cuba where he is on vacation, Vujanic will be officially introduced in Bologna, Italy as the newest member of the Skipper team.

After that move he has a press conference scheduled in Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. The exact financial details of the now signed contract with Skipper where not disclosed today but it is believed that Vujanic will receive no less then $1 million per every year.

Exactly why all of that enormous effort Knicks' GM Scot Layden personally invested in this matter failed to produce Vujanic as Knick for this next season is yet to be known. Mr. Layden himself visited Vujanic several times in Belgrade emphasizing the Knicks' desire to see Vujanic in a N.Y. uniform at the start of the next season.

Among the N.Y. basketball community Vujanic was regarded as the Knicks immediate solution at the point guard spot. Why Vujanic turned his back on the Knicks at this point is the question we hope will be answered in the press conference scheduled in Belgrade in the next few days.

Exactly what kind of damage this will do to the NY Knicks is hard to tell at this point. What is for sure is that Vujanic's market value will definitely be much lower after today's signing in Bologna, solely due to the fact he signed a three-year deal, not to mention the undoubtedly steep buyout clause the Italian team must have written into the new contract knowing the desire to get him to the NBA. Vujanic has also been mentioned as one of the important parts of several possible trades that the Knicks were rumored to be near triggering this summer. Now, this recent development changes everything.

As for Vujanic's future in the NBA, nothing is for sure. Three years seems like an eternity, especially when referring to the demanding market such is the case with New York. Three years from now, Vujanic will be a 26 year-old and that is not the most ideal time for anyone to start his NBA career. No matter how good he is.

Jul 04, 2003, 02:57
milos, WHAT A SISSY GIRL !!!

Jul 04, 2003, 12:41
if i think a bit.. i don't blame him
if he considers he needs to get some experience in europe, and only after NY, than he must be a wise man
i just hope he does the right thing

Jul 20, 2003, 08:47
I dont think Layden can be blamed for this one. He has tried to get this guy on our team. But I think the blame can go to his agent (maybe). I guess we have to wait again and see if this guy will come here and play for us one time.

Jul 21, 2003, 07:04
it doesn't matter now who's guilty or not, important is that he won't play for NY next season, but that we still own him
some day he will be back, that if he won't be traded...