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Nov 07, 2012, 10:45
For this.


Nov 07, 2012, 11:08
I actually feel bad for Landry, he's seen better times in a Knicks uniform and I hope he'll snap back and adjust his game. That $19 mil contract must be a huge pressure!

I do however enjoy the Raptors spending all those money and gettin squat in return, it's a nice feeling :)

Nov 07, 2012, 11:35
Another good move by GG, letting Landry go.

Probably a better move than not resigning Lin imo.

It's early but with what he had to work with in putting this team together Grunwald deserves Exec of the year.

New New York
Nov 07, 2012, 11:38
Melo got blamed for his poor performance after the trade so a bit of redemption for Carmelo

Nov 07, 2012, 14:00
Enjoy Toronto!

(After 4 games played)
Pts 2.5
Ast 1.8
Reb 3.0
Stl 0.75

Looks like we dodged a bullet.

Rob Low
Nov 07, 2012, 14:01
I wonder if Kiya still believes this guy is the second coming of George Gervin

Nov 07, 2012, 14:22
LOL @ the poll options


Nov 07, 2012, 14:24
I wonder if Kiya still believes this guy is the second coming of George Gervin

Heh not to mention his love fest with Toney Douglas whose FG% is now a whopping 7%

Great drops by the Knicks. Only regret is that we didn't trade Fields for good assets when everyone wanted him. Remember when he was untouchable?

Nov 07, 2012, 15:00
Just don't forget: Toronto getting Fields cost us Nash.

Nov 07, 2012, 15:06
LOL @ the poll options

ahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. just noticed that. good one.

i posted this in Trade Tracker thread, needs to be reinstated here:


Haha! Laundry folding in Toronto! F*CK YOU, CRAPTORS!!!
Landry Fields (http://10210277391.basketball.cbssports.com/players/playerpage/1755226), F, Raptors (@OKC, DAL, PHI): Fields has been a fixture in Toronto's starting lineup over the first week of the season, but you wouldn't know it by looking at his numbers. The 24-year-old has scored a combined seven points over his first three games (2.3 ppg) to go along with 3.3 rebounds and just 1.6 assists. He is also shooting a putrid 21 percent from the field and missed on his only 3-point attempt thus far. While we would expect Fields to get himself on track a bit once he gets comfortable with his new teammates, it doesn't appear he is going to see much more than 20 minutes per game with the Raptors' deep bench. Fields' all-around production has made him a viable low-end option in most Rotisserie leagues over his first two years in the league, but he is simply not performing up to par right now....

Nov 07, 2012, 15:09
Fields is going so bad Metrocard's prediction that Flight White would have a better season than Landry might actually come true.

Nov 07, 2012, 15:39
Look I'm telling you guys right now Fields is the second coming of George Gervin.

Nov 07, 2012, 15:52
Just don't forget: Toronto getting Fields cost us Nash.
Not even mad about that.. We were definitely trading both Fields and Shump if we were gonna make a deal for Nash.. No way they were gonna accept just Fields..

Nov 07, 2012, 16:41
Another guy who looks terrible lately is Gallinari. In one game he was 3 for 17, last night he was 3 for 11. He could never finish andnow he cannot even make jump shots.

Nov 07, 2012, 21:23
Landry who???????

Nov 07, 2012, 21:29
Fields is one of those guys that regardless of what team he's on, I'd really like to see him do well.

But he's not. He hit the rookie wall and it seems like he just kept on hitting it.

Nov 07, 2012, 21:50
we dodged a major bullet...great job GG

Nov 08, 2012, 06:56
Enjoy Toronto!

(After 4 games played)
Pts 2.5
Ast 1.8
Reb 3.0
Stl 0.75

Looks like we dodged a bullet.

Ronnie's stats

Pts 9.7
FG% .500
Ast 1.3
Reb 6.7
Stl 1.0

Ill take that even though its only been 3 games, he'll only get better.

Nov 08, 2012, 12:09
Me and my friend were saying TO was bugging with that contract to Fields and that he would get exposed up there.

Nov 08, 2012, 12:34
Definitely a great call not to go anywhere near matching that contract Toronto offered Fields. I did like him as a Knick, but his production was nose diving and Brewer has played really well. I do hope Fields finds his feet again in the league, and think he will in time, but at this moment glad he's not on this roster.