View Full Version : Nets (2) - Bucks (7)

Apr 19, 2003, 08:37
Nets host the Bucks.
surprising, millwaukee gained the #7 seed, avoiding a clash with the pistons, which IMO would have been easier for them
my prediction: nets win in 6 games

Apr 19, 2003, 12:05
same here. bucks will win the first and the 4th game :hoops:

Apr 19, 2003, 15:19
nets win first game 109 - 96
tim thomas 25 pts - impressive

Apr 19, 2003, 16:02
very very impressive :? 19pts only in the 4th quarter. i would love to see him playing for New York and if scotty wants to do something usefull, he should bring him over
btw, who would you like to see winning this series? i'm rooting with the bucks :) tho i no nets will win :(

Apr 20, 2003, 04:31
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