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Apr 20, 2003, 03:41
http://cache.nba.com/media/suns/smarburyGW_030419.jpgfirst game, suns win just by 1 point in overtime
lucky shot by marbury GO SUNS GO!

The Suns grabbed the rebound and got the ball in the hands of Marbury, who raced up court. With the clock running down, he pulled up for a runner from just outside the 3-point line at the top of the key that caromed off the backboard.

The officials counted the basket after briefly reviewing replays. There was no argument from the Spurs.

"That shot was a teardrop from God," Marbury said. "Things were getting tough, but I didn't stop shooting. We never gave up, we never got ourselves into a situation where we'd panic."

Apr 20, 2003, 06:11
indeed a lucky shot. before the game i wouldn't have bet a cent on phoenix, but lately all my predictions are messed up :?
GO suns

Apr 20, 2003, 08:18
don't wish to nobody to be a spurs fan at this moment :|

Apr 20, 2003, 14:22
that's alright, i was a knicks fan in 98