View Full Version : Comedy Central : Barkley current level of NBA is a trash

Dec 04, 2013, 16:21

am i missing something?

is he mention bout Knicks and NEts or entire NBA right now?

Dec 04, 2013, 17:50
I think with the NBA, when you have guys like Camby, Rasheed Wallace, Jason Kidd...even current guys like Garnett, Pierce, World Peace, Martin, Stoudimire....all not being able to play to their prime level, it hurts the NBA in a way.

Also the major injuries that happen to Oden, Bynum, Rose, Roy...etc and etc. Injuries are apart of sports, as flawed as the sports is. NBA should consider the pavement they play on and how healthy it is for the athlete in the long term.

Athletes are becoming more explosive, which means the knee will take a lot of impact on landing. These injuries will happen, but they can be avoided with good athletic trainers and a staff that cares deeply about the athletes future.

Also, the NBA is changing.

We're living in the LeBron era, but theres cats out there born in the 90s bound to be Superstars(the top already are Superstars) such as:

Paul George
James Harden
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Love
Blake Griffin
Anthony Davis
John Wall
Kyrie Irving
Stephon Curry
Ricky Rubio
Greg Monroe
Damian Lillard
Andre Drummond
Victor Olapido
Michael Carter Williams

Plus you have the 2014 and 2015 draft which is suppose to loaded with talent.

By 2018 most of the players from the list will be in their prime and the league will be as good as before.

Dec 05, 2013, 14:23
i can tell only rules are still chaning and $tern rigged many games

but i agree how many teams are under 0.500 its really factor right now.


RS should be shortened but playoffs should be extended.