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May 02, 2003, 04:26
Ties Broken for NBA Draft Order of Selection
NEW YORK, April 28 -- Eight ties among teams that finished the 2002-03 regular season with identical records were broken Monday night through random drawings to help determine the order of selection for NBA Draft 2003, which will be held on Thursday, June 26, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Stu Jackson, NBA Senior Vice President Basketball Operations, conducted the drawing live on NBA TV on Monday evening from the league office in New York.

Stu Jackson and NBA TV's Mark Morgan announce tiebreakers and order of selection: Play
Cleveland and Denver, who finished tied with a 17-65 record, will each receive 225 chances out of 1,000 in the NBA Draft Lottery. In the event that neither the Cavaliers nor Nuggets wins one of the first three picks in the Lottery, Denver will select fourth and Cleveland fifth.

New York and Washington, who finished tied with a 37-45 record, will receive 15 and 14 chances out of 1,000, respectively, in the NBA Draft Lottery. In the event that neither the Knicks nor the Wizards wins one of the first three picks in the Lottery, New York will select ninth and Washington will select 10th.

Milwaukee (42-40) won a tie-breaker with Orlando and will select 14th in the first round. The Magic will select 15th.

Boston (44-38 ) won a tie-breaker with Phoenix and will select 16th in the first round. The Suns will select 17th.

New Orleans (47-35) won a tie-breaker with Utah and will select 18th in the first round. The Jazz will select 19th.

Philadelphia (48-34) won a tie-breaker with Indiana and will select 20th in the first round. The Pacers will select 21st. (Note: Indiana's pick is held by Atlanta and Philadelphia's pick is held by Boston)

Portland (50-32) won a tie-breaker with the Los Angeles Lakers and Detroit, and will select 23rd in the first round. Subsequently, the Lakers won a tie-breaker with the Pistons and will select 24th. Detroit will select 25th.

San Antonio (60-22) won a tie-breaker with Dallas and will select 28th in the first round. The Mavericks will select 29th.

Below is the order of selection for the first round of NBA Draft 2003, as well as the number of chances for teams in NBA Draft Lottery 2003, to be held Thursday, May 22, at the NBA Entertainment studio in Secaucus, N.J.

Teams entered in the NBA Draft Lottery, which will determine the order of selection for the first 13 picks, listed in order of overall record (worst record first) and chances out of 1,000 in the Lottery:

Team Record Chances 1st Pick 2nd Pick 3rd Pick
Denver 17-65 225 22.50% 20.30% 17.63%
Cleveland 17-65 225 22.50% 20.30% 17.63%
Toronto 24-58 157 15.70% 15.80% 15.66%
Miami 25-57 120 12.00% 12.68% 13.39%
L.A. Clippers 27-55 89 8.90% 9.75% 10.78%
Memphis (1) 28-54 64 6.40% 7.20% 8.23%
Chicago 30-52 44 4.40% 5.05% 5.91%
Atlanta (2) 35-47 29 2.90% 3.37% 4.02%
New York 37-45 15 1.50% 1.77% 2.14%
Washington 37-45 14 1.40% 1.65% 2.00%
Golden State 38-44 7 0.70% 0.83% 1.01%
Seattle 40-42 6 0.60% 0.71% 0.87%
Houston 43-39 5 0.50% 0.59% 0.73%


May 02, 2003, 08:43
9th place=Anderson Varejão
not exactly james

NBA Comparison: Drew Gooden

Strengths: A very active bigman, good athlete with excellent size, agility. Improved dramatically in the past few years. His jump shot has really developed lately. Very creative offensive player, with soft touch. Solid shot blocker, rebounder. Lets the game come to him, and takes instruction well. Very charismatic personality, similar (surfer) attitude to Brazilian tennis star Gustavo Kuerten, very laid back, but not to the point where he isn't motivated. Has the versatility to play the small forward position at 6-10.
brazilian, like nene, is it just a coinciidence?
hmmm... :?

May 26, 2003, 13:43
9th place=Anderson Varejão
not exactly james

untill the day draft, the list will change 100 times

NYK Man8
May 28, 2003, 13:29
1. Cleveland
2. Detroit (from Memphis)
3. Denver
4. Toronto
5. Miami
6. L.A. Clippers
7. Chicago
8. Milwaukee (from Atlanta)
9. New York
10. Washington
11. Golden State
12. Seattle
13. Memphis (from Houston)
14. Seattle (from Milwaukee)
15. Orlando
16. Boston
17. Phoenix
18. New Orleans
19. Utah
20. Boston (from Philadelphia)
21. Atlanta (from Indiana)
22. New Jersey
23. Portland
24. L.A. Lakers
25. Detroit
26. Minnesota
27. Memphis (from Sacramento through Orlando)
28. San Antonio
29. Dallas

no doubt cavs will get james, detroit milicic and denver carmelo, damn those lucky pistons and their '97 trade...

NYK Man8
Jun 02, 2003, 13:12
at the 2004 draft

NBA Comparison: Marcus Camby

Strengths: An unbelievable athlete who can jump out of the gym with the best of them. A highlight real waiting to happen. His incredibly long arms and intensity make him a ferocious offensive and defensive rebounder. Gets off the floor almost instantaneously. Possesses a nice turnaround jumper and decent ball handling skills for a player his size. Has the potential and desire to not only become an offensive force, but a shut down defender as well. A very exciting player to watch with huge potential.

Weaknesses: Everything he does is based on his superior athletic ability. Despite his ball handling skills, Hakim is still very raw. His points usually come from fastbreaks, tip-ins, and putbacks. He tries to dunk everything on the offensive end and block everything on the defensive side. Perimeter game is suspect, despite good form on his outside shot. MUST put on muscle if he has any plans of ever playing pro ball, he is very thin and is easily out-muscled. Free throw shooting and interior defense are also concerns.

Notes: Hakim has the potential to become a very good player, but must learn to rely on more than his other worldly athletic ability. If he learns to collect himself and show some patience, his offense will improve dramatically. It seems as though Coach Boeheim is going to use Hakim on the interior in his early years at SU and then slowly bring him out to the perimeter as his shot and ball handling mature....Nicknamed "Skinny" by his friends due to his extremely slender frame. Upside is definitely there.

Jun 04, 2003, 05:22
i would like going after that greek 'baby shaq' heard alot about him

Jun 05, 2003, 05:16
another interesting player could be the russian bear Pavel Podkolzine
as i heard, he has bad anckels and he's not quite into playing D
but he can shoot realy good form three and his dribble is okay

would you take a chance on him?

NYK Man8
Jun 05, 2003, 13:32
no thanks, i'm tired of injured players
rather take kaman, give him som' to eat to put some weight, and you have a massive center

Jun 06, 2003, 02:36
first guy for workouts, slavo

The Knicks are intrigued by the 7-foot-6 Yugoslavian Slavko Vranes and asked to watch him work out at John Jay College on Monday.

Vranes, part of the Marc Cornstein European stable, is staying in New York through the draft. The 20-year-old played limitedly for his Yugoslavian team, so he's likely to be a late first-round or second-round pick.

Jun 07, 2003, 16:54
Kaman looks like a product of the system at Central Michigan. The only thing impressive about him is his size. I think he's about reached the peak of his potential and I don't believe he'll have a long career in the NBA. Size != quality size.

Pavel will probably be out of reach now that his latest workout has caused his stock to skyrocket. He will be picked no lower than sixth.

Jun 25, 2003, 21:03
do not take KAMAN THE GUY OR SLAVO WTF take collison are they retraded there stupid they really are id be even happier with ridnour anyone but those scrubs i dont want another doleac !!!!!!!!!!!!!1