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Feb 21, 2005, 16:18
I hear reports from the chicago tribune that Isiah is desperately trying to trade H20 straight up for Webber. They both have identical salaries except Webber has one more year on H20's.

The kings want to move webber while he is still moving, but they now realize no other team is willing to take that risk unless of course if a team is in a similar problem with their hurt $20mil star player and of all the 30 teams there is only one other team like that - the knicks.

Hence advantage to the kings - they have two years of waiting for h20's contract to expire instead of 3 for webber's - hence a $20mil savings. The Kings know that the only other time they will get a good trade for webber is in the final year of his contract which is 2 years away - if they pick up H20 - they will only have to wait one more year!

Advantage to NY - webber has put up solid numbers: 21pts, 10rebs and 6asts this season - but every morning Isiah must pray that nothing happens to webber's knee, or else he's going to be stuck with the same H20 situation for 3 years now instead of only 2 previously.

What do you guys think?
If this rumor is true - should Isiah pull the trigger?

Feb 21, 2005, 16:38
hell yes pull the trigger,at least webber can contribute now,then go after odom in la offer them kurt and tim.

Feb 22, 2005, 00:22
yea definitely pull it. The problem is it will be nothing but a blank. After a few days of thinking about this Sacramento will not accept this trade as they see nothing is trully in it for them. They have no back up PF to fill his shoes. Hence them asking for the tandem of Kurt and Tim or some other players. Even if they ask for Tim and Kurt do it aswell.

Lamar Odom isnt going to be traded anytime soon. you cant always believe what you hear but i have to say I think Kobe is right when he says itd be the worse move at the moment to trade Odom when they havent gotten to play too much together as of yet. Plus a Kurt&Tim trade wouldnt work wed be over about 9 million dollars and the lakers dont have much to exchange or composite that 9 million. but its always nice to dream...Mohammed Webber Odom Crawford and Marbury. itd be nice.

well theres only three things that will most likely happen before thursdays deadline...1. Allan Houston for Chris Webber...2.Kurt Thomas & Tim Thomas for Chris Webber....3.Absolutely nothing.

Id piss myself if 1. happens...Ill be glad if 2. happens...I wouldnt be surprised if 3. happens

a knick fan
Feb 22, 2005, 08:21
chris webber this season is playing like a top 10-15 player in the nba. he's 10th in effiency ranking. i cant believe that sacramento would trade him for allan houston. i'd do that trade in two seconds. who cares about having one more year of webber's contract, the knicks can afford to have ONE bad contract, just not a roster FULL of bad contracts. if at that time webber is the only bad contract, it wouldnt be that bad of a thing. id be more concerned about houstons health than webbers. bigger guys can afford to play not at 100% and still be efficient, thats why they usually last longer in the nba. smaller guys cant afford to not be 100%. also, the kings already have a sharpshooter in peja...why would they want another?

Feb 22, 2005, 08:41
I hear reports from the chicago tribune that Isiah

Here's my question why on earth are you reading the CHICAGO tribune, don't you live in CT, i just don't get it

Feb 22, 2005, 12:24
lol - i should have said chicago tribune.com - I live for the knicks man!
so whenever there is an article written about them - I read it!

a knick fan
Feb 22, 2005, 12:39
how does that trade have anything to do with chicago? why would they pick up on that rumor and not any of the NY papers? maybe there isn't much valididty to the rumor?

Feb 22, 2005, 19:03
I dont know I never understood it. But I guess its the same thing as the NY Post talking about the Baron Davis trade or the Peja/Odom trade. They have no business in that yet they do. We cant rule out Chicago either. Usually if it comes from Chicago/LA/NY its creditable. They are the big 3 of basketball. I mean if you look back though if a trade is almost done (not jinxing this) the two parties never really talk about it. example the Vince Carter and NJ trade. NJ nor Toronto really had anything on it prior just...the New York papers.

Still I dont believe this trade will happen with only two days left and Sacramento not having a back up PF. Suspect them if considering to not do the Allan trade. They are a winning team 13 games over 500 exactly. I dont actually see them doing any trade...if they do and are playing it smart i think they ask for Kurt & Tim for Chris and a small contract.

Feb 23, 2005, 01:41
hmm.. didn't the jamal crawford rumor came initial from an non NY source last august?

Feb 23, 2005, 09:07
Here's another possible trade scenario I read in the NY newsday for webber:

************************************************** ***********
"Webber is going to get traded because they owe him another $40 million," the second Eastern GM said. "The Knicks have expiring contracts Sacramento might take. Maybe they would take either Penny Hardaway or Tim Thomas plus Kurt Thomas. I don't think Kurt Thomas is a fit with their style, but at the end of the day, Webber is definitely getting traded this summer."
************************************************** ***********

Alot of talk is going on, hopefully something will happen!