View Full Version : KEEP IT FOCUSED.

Mar 07, 2005, 08:28
The New York Knicks and my fellow Knick fans. Let us be focused. Let us not get to high or too low when the knicks win or lose. Let us just focus on what needs to be done to win each game. We put ourselves in a hole since Janurary 1st and were now only trying to get out of it. Let's be focused. The 3 game winning streak was against struggling teams at the Garden. When we went on the road to face Orlando it looked like flashes of Janurary. As fans we cannot get too high.
The only thing consistently postive right now is that we have Herb Williams who is doing an excellent job of bringing some intensity to these players. He is making us an inside-out team as opposed to a jumpshooting team.

Lets keep it focused and not flip-flop like the newspaper writers. They change positions more than a chess piece.

The Knicks look different as of late but no ststement game has been won this year. We beat Goldenstate last night with a great 4th quarter. Now forget abou tthat game. Washington is next. Go Knicks.