View Full Version : No Knicks for Time Warner customers

Mar 08, 2005, 08:35
Well i just checked the NY Daily News, and it says that Time Warner & Cablevision will not be shown for Time Warner Customers...

What DO I DO?!!!!!?

Mar 08, 2005, 11:07
radio? jk, that really sucks, you can call the hotline 800-509-0176 and thats basically all that you can do. You just have to hope that a nagotiation is reached

TmAc N Knicks4life
Mar 08, 2005, 15:20
yeaaa sux i use 2 live in queens n have time warner now i got cablevision n so far we stil havin em

Mar 08, 2005, 15:23
Yah, I feel bad. Well, you could call the hotline and if not, just listen to it on the radio.

Mar 08, 2005, 18:55
Well they are giving us NBA TV... and the Knicks game is on but it stays black... why why why can anyone else watch it?