View Full Version : Vote for Isiah Thomas!

Mar 10, 2005, 14:27
The NBA and the History channel are getting together to produce a NBA Top 10 greatest show on April 21st, and we have to see to it that Isiah gets in there.

Here's what you can vote for:

[Geatest Moves] (http://www.nba.com/history/top10_move.html) Isiah dribbling through the entire Trailblzers team in close quarters and then pulling up and hitting a short jumper.

[Greatest Duel] (http://www.nba.com/history/top10_duel.html) Isiah Thomas vs. Bernard King (Knicks) in the '84 playoffs

[Geastest Dynamic Duo] (http://www.nba.com/history/top10_duo.html) The best backcourt in NBA history; Isiah & Joe

C'mon Knicks fans, do your part!

Mar 11, 2005, 12:02
wow, there are so many great duels out there, i wouldn't know which to vote for:
Knicks vs Heat, Monroe vs Frazier, Thomas vs King, Larry vs Magic or Chamberlain vs Russel

i think i'd go with knicks vs heat :D