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Mar 28, 2005, 09:26
alright im sure uve all read the article about how damon said hed love to be a knick. I was just curious about what u guys thought? Personally i think with houston being iffy i think we need a good three point shooter in our arsenal, and thats where damon stoudamire can fill gaps. On offense right now whast our biggest problem... beating the zone, shooters beat zones....without houston we have no shooters. Go for stoudamire and a second round gaurd with the draft pick as well i say, and dont resign jermaine jackson and penny to meet roster limit. Helps us cap wise as well

Mar 28, 2005, 10:01
I would love to get Damon Stoudamire over here. He is a great shooter and has good quickness. Sure, get him over here. If we can get him for cheap.

Mar 28, 2005, 10:24
i havnt read that article yet, where could i find it?? this could turn out to be very interesting...

Mar 28, 2005, 11:28
We still have Penny on the books next year. The only way we wouldn't have him is if we either bought him out or traded him. And the only way I'd be willing to accept Damon is if we had a big center, like Johan Petro, then it could be a good signing. But right now, our team is too small to compete with the bigger teams. And adding Mighty Mouse wouldn't help much in that catagory.

Mar 28, 2005, 11:34
i havnt read that article yet, where could i find it?? this could turn out to be very interesting...
it's on the main page

Stoudamire: I'd Love To Be A Knick (http://www.knicksonline.com/getart.php?id=2732)

Mar 28, 2005, 14:13
i dunno ... maybe im overrating him in my head because of the way he torched us the other night

Mar 28, 2005, 14:30
Stoudamire: I'd Love To Be A Knick (http://www.knicksonline.com/getart.php?id=2732)

thanks rady, i think adding Stoudemire would benefit us greatly... if we can get hi, then we can concentrate more on getting a big man in the draft... i would love this guy on our team..

a knick fan
Mar 28, 2005, 15:19
i would have loved to get damon stouadmire at the BEGINNING of the season, because he has a contract that expires. but now hes 30+, only 5'10, and as a small guy, his game will deteriorate quickly here on in in his career.

but if we could have traded penny for damon, id love to do that, or even get rid of any other bums on our team that get paid too much.

Mar 28, 2005, 15:53
I think Stoudemire would be good at a mid level exception, because if he doesn't fit, he's easier to trade in a package of some sort. I also think that with another PG of that caliber, fans are ensured that Crawford & Marbury play better, be cause both then realize that they can become expendable. Which will hopefully keep both guys more hungry than either has seemed this year. I think Damon is a better leader as well, so he would be a guy that would be more vocal.

Mar 28, 2005, 16:00
Damon would be a great backup guard for Steph.. He can shoot the ball and penetrate well. He could also help us in close games with that incredible free throw shooting.

Mar 28, 2005, 16:14
definently.. i would feel a lot better in tight games, giving steph a rest down the stretch, knowing damon's running the show.. not Jermaine Jackson

Mar 28, 2005, 17:57
i think if we get him it will be good for the bench. as a leader? no.

Peach i think mistakenly had it right..
if we can get hi...isnt this guy the one who turned the Portland Trailblazers into the "PotLand Blazers"??? hes the guy who took attention away from his team with his childlike drug use. a leader? not in the least.

stats? hes very over rated as a "great shooter"...hmm .410FG% and .362 3PT% for his career...good but clutch or great?? no hes not in the top 50 for any...besides for attempts of the 3pts (and makes but if you shoot alot your eventually going to make alot)...

im not saying hes bad but for a 10 year, 5'10 PG should we be overly eager to spend all of our midlevel exception on him??? not in the least...

if we can get him for 2 million, then pull that trigger...but there will be other teams going after him (Lakers. Rockets. etc.) so anything higher (no pun intended)? no, well atleast not to me

Mar 28, 2005, 19:07
That's what I said. If we could get him for cheap I would want him.

Mar 29, 2005, 16:27
You don't win rookie of the year for fun. I think Damon is a great point guard, and I think that his abilty to strech defences with a more consistant jumper would help the Knicks. If you think that I'm wroung look at Marbury Vs. Damon

Damon Vs. Marbury
FG% 3p% FT% FG% 3p% FT%
.400 .391 .928 .459 .317 .832

with better players Damon would seemingly be better than Marbury in our offense. Plus he got better court vision. I think the knicks can't lose to have 2 starters. Plus, if you don't realize, Damon was there reason why the Raptors beat the Bulls & MJ In 96 & 97, both years the Bulls went on to win the NBA title. Just a thought.

Mar 29, 2005, 16:59
first off the past is the past and second do you mean in season games? Do you know how many season games there are anyone can beat anyone on any given night...and in 06 aswell as 07 Stoudamire was not the only name on that team...

and i do think we realize he was there but so was Chauncey Billups, Doug Christie, Marcus Camby, Alvin Williams oh and a guy i think hes still around his names Tracy McGrady! in 97...in 96 they still had a starting lineup that included Camby and Christie

hes a good player but do i think we good give up are whole mid level exception for him no, i think 2.5 is where we draw the line...

and dont minipulate the stats man...marbury has better field goal percentage (by .62)..more steals..more assists...i dont understand howd he be seemingly better??

were talking about the same guy who played with Camby, Christie, McGrady, Billups, Grant, Kemp, Rider, D. Davis, Pippen, Smith, JJackson, Randolph, R. Wallace, Miles, Wells, J. O'Neal over his career and ur saying he needs better players???

lets just not go overboard, good player? yes. good shooter? yes. but worth enough to say hed be better then marbury for us?? no...stoudamire when averaging 35 mpg adds 6.6 apg (career total)...marbury 8.3...

lets just not go overboard...

Mar 30, 2005, 09:35
personally i feel his time has passed,i say we draft a young pg but him behind marbury. let him develop .stop wasting the knicks money on has been talents. jarrett jack jarrett jack jarrett jack

Mar 30, 2005, 10:07
The Knicks have guys that can hit open jumpers like KT, TT, H20, Malik Rose. Now you lookn at the Blazers and they have a host of guys that can't hit open jumpers like Darius Miles, Rubenn Patterson, etc. yet he still manages to pull down 5.5 APG. Oh by the way, Damon stodemire carried the Raptors in those games. As a Guy who personally was at one game, how could you tell me he didn't make a difference? Oh next time you rattle of who was on the roster, check your facts. Alvin Williams was traded for Damon. They could have never played together. Tracy McGrady was a rookie. He didn't play 3 Mins in the game. The Knicks lose games cause Marbury doesn't lead. 31 Pts, again the Knicks lose. The difference is Damon takes good shots, while Marbury throws up bad shots with 15 plus seconds on are shot clock (See the Golden State low-lights for evidence, it happened about four times). So anyone who thinks a PG shouldn't lead on the floor please see Steve Nash. Someone said that Marbury is like Oscar Robertson becaause of the 20 & 8. I say they're wrong. The Big O actually one and made others around him better. I say damon is better at decision making. I'd rather pay him 2.5 to 3.5 million and deal Marbury and his bloated salary (14 625 000). Plus the Marbury factor says if we trade him, we'll win more games next year. Ask Phx & NJ if they're sad he's gone. As well Jermaine O'Neal was a deveolping player, Kemp and Pippen were near the end of their respective careers, and weren't half as affective as they used to be.

Mar 30, 2005, 14:18
personally i feel his time has passed,i say we draft a young pg but him behind marbury. let him develop .stop wasting the knicks money on has been talents. jarrett jack jarrett jack jarrett jack

Yah, I have watched a lot of G-Tech games and Jack is really good. I think we should go after a center first and then get a guard to backup Marbury.

Knicker Bocker
Mar 30, 2005, 14:21
Hey how about we sign Chris Duhan or Dan Dickau as our back up point gurad this summer. We can get either of them real cheap.

Mar 30, 2005, 14:29
Nah, I would rather get a center and a guard in the draft. Those are both young players and both of their teams are young so I don't think they would want to get rid of them that easily.

Mar 30, 2005, 15:08
see now thats more reasonable Duhon...Chicago can only offer him 1.6 this offseason..if we off anything higher such as 1.61 the Bulls cant match it...and the bulls beat the Lakers with Kobe, they beat TWolves with Garnett, they beat 76ers with Iverson on it, they beat Dallas with Dirk on it, Seattle with Jesus Shuttlesworth on it and most of all they beat Miami with Shaq on it...all winning teams when Chicago beat them in a regular season game...YES he must be better then Marbury... :lol:

Mar 30, 2005, 15:10
..YES he must be better then Marbury... :lol:

I hope your kidding.

Mar 30, 2005, 16:28
yea man, blatant sarcasm. I was making reference to Carpy's "hed rather have stoudamire" chant. because Stoudamire beat chicago in a regular season game against Michael Jordan...

every so often someone brings up that "pheonix got better" "new jersey got better" once marbury left, and everytime i disprove it...did they get "better" yes...but why? they didnt just get a different player instead of marbury...in NJ he was only playing with KEITH VAN HORN and KERRY KITTLES...Jason Kidd on the other hand played with Kittles, Jefferson, K-Mart big difference...in Pheonix they had a winning record 46-36 and made it to the playoffs with Marbury...a matter of fact they missed there first playoff spot since 1988 WHEN KIDD was there...The following season with Marbury, Marion, Stoudemire, and Johnson the chances looked great and they were having a winning record until Amare went down...when did he finally recover??? way after Steph was traded only a couple months into the season!...so NJ picking up KMART, JEFFERSON to be a winning team...and PHO picking up Q-Rich, NASH and a healthy Amare didnt hurt too much either now did it.....

by the way sorry bout putting AWilliams up there in players he played with i got carried away just like you are...and about TMac i didnt know he only played three minutes that game,, i mean seeing he played 18.4 mpg his rookie season...

Mar 30, 2005, 19:06
how bout forget all this PG stuff.....we need to get chris wilcox....ain't no body talkin about him...this kid eating the bench in LA

Mar 30, 2005, 19:40
im not really sure if Wlicox has much of a post up move, which is what we are really looking for, but he is still very prodductive... ps datruth... when you put your sign in your profile, put before the url, and then after the url, so it should be URL, its too good of a sig for people not to see.

Mar 30, 2005, 21:09
wilcox naw how bout stromile swift he a free agent rite? but i still say trade the two pf we just picked up rose and taylor keep crazy eyes get a centre to match him. jamal maglorie jamal maglorie jamal maglorie

Mar 30, 2005, 21:48
stromile swift...the only way wed be able to get him (i would want to) but itd be only by sign and trade...he gets paid 5.9 now and prolly lookin for a big contract...

id say wilcox but hes a 6-10 center, good one? i guess, hes good coming off the bench but not that big center we need, he has a small frame and not great post up game...

if we go with that run and gun style that Isiah is hinting at, Swift and Wilcox would be perfect...

I say keep Malik Rose hes a great backup possibly starter. Small? yes but fights hard and gets those boards and low post points...

I think we would need to throw KurtThomas in any trade with a team willing to give up a center like Magloire...I like magloire and he makes 8.5 mill so wed have to work out a sign and trade aswell....hes young and big which is great...BUT orleans is looking to keep that kind of player...young taleneted thats there direction...gettin Kurt isnt heading towards that really...

i think Magloire is a possibilty tho (one i love), but I think Kwame Brown is the biggest possiblity and Curry is the least possible but able to work, and hope it does

Mar 31, 2005, 09:55
I read some of the nonsense written I am resolving myself to shaking my head. Damon has seen the playoffs waaay more than Steph. Let's get it straight, Marbury is a career loser. Ask around the league, and GM like his talent, they hate his attitude. I don't care if a guy plays for the Knicks, if I think he's a liability, I'll say it and be honest instead of sniffing a jock. I still maintain we should have dealt Marbury for Vince. NJ going to the playoffs and we're going home. Oh by the 18.4 MPG is based on an average. You can't tell me you think he played exactly 18.4 minutes every night, iguess it's possible to score 15.8 PPG or have 2.98 blocks in a game. You're too smart to take things that literally. Thanks for making my point for me. Amare is hurt now as well, and PHX is still winning. I guess the lead positiion at the point is being played too max potential.