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Jul 18, 2003, 12:47
The Clippers told restricted free agent Elton Brand's agent Thursday that they intended to match the six-year, $82 million offer sheet Brand signed with the Miami Heat and retain the power forward, The Los Angeles Times reported Friday.

"We told them that before they got an offer sheet," Clipper Executive Vice President Andy Roeser said to the Times. "That won't be a surprise when it happens ... We've said all along that we intend to match the offer on Elton and we shared that with them again today."

Brand, who could have signed a one-year tender and then become an unrestricted free agent next summer, didn't seem fazed that the historically penny-pinching Clippers were going to keep him from going to Miami.

Jul 21, 2003, 14:00
indeed, now there's a player i'd like to see in a NY jersey :)