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Jul 13, 2005, 23:43
look out NY her comes Jerome James

Jul 14, 2005, 00:47
AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL signing, i dont like it at all. he's not gonna be good. New York what are u doing???

Jul 14, 2005, 03:19
I dont hate it, but I heard a bunch of ppl say ziggy woudlnt fit into isiah's scheme because he was 30 and they wanted young talent, well to me it seems jerome james is the same age 30, and is huge, i cant see him running up and down the floor, but i guess im not the gm, but at least he can give us some defensive presence. can we please sign and trade penny away or allen, please?????

Jul 14, 2005, 06:42
This move would be perfect...WHY? Because I liked the move to get Q and I like the draft picks we got...so it is about time that IT makes an awful move to negate all of this. James averaged 4 pts a game last year and only 16 minutes...beacuse of "stupid fouls" ...I have also heard reports that call him lazy in games and practice and often late for team meetings...jesus IT what are you doing?!?!?!?!?!?! This is just a huge waste of money....and a wasted roster spot...

Jul 14, 2005, 06:54
I really don't understand this one as well.
If Isiah was taking this route - he should have gone with Hunter instead, similiar stats to James but only commits around 2 fouls a game in 13mins.
Plus he is 6 yrs younger than James.....

If you look the stats of Jerome James - you will see that in 16mins a game - he averages almost 4 fouls - no wonder he can't play more minutes!!! - he is always in foul trouble.

Isiah must believe that Mark Aguirre can work miracles cause that's the only way I see James getting good!!

Jul 14, 2005, 07:11
Ray Allen's quote on Jerome James -

"Allen says he told James: "You show glimpses of being great, and then all of a sudden you come out and look like you've never worked on your game before or you have no energy. People, they see that. You have to stop blaming everybody else and step up and take responsibility. You are 7-feet tall. When you come out and do the things you are capable of, people are going to celebrate you – forever."

GREAT - so it seems Isiah signed a huge, lazy crybaby for $5mil no less - Isiah - whatever u smoking - u can keep that $hit lol

Jul 14, 2005, 08:54
I'm going to get burned alive for this, but I don't think this is that bad a deal.
And I dont' think it's overpaying.

$5 to $6 million a year for a seven-footer. What numbers do you expect from a player making that salary? Would 9 points and 7 rebounds be reasonable? Think about it. Any more than that and it's icing on the cake. If he goes on to average...say...12 and 8 or something, then $6 mil a year doesn't look so bad, huh? And 17 and 9? Wowie, that's incredible for that salary. Look at the deal that Big Z got--$12 mil a year.

Please don't expect JJ to be an All-Star at the midlevel exception, but an adequate role player. Any more than that and it's a steal.

Jul 14, 2005, 09:02
I agree with most of the prior posts. We would be better off without slow, no offense, always lazy Jerome James. He has had plenty of opportunity to prove that he could play and has not done so. This is one of Isiah's worst moves.

Jul 14, 2005, 09:30
well jj is 30 too, and hopefully would fit in with the running team we have now

Jul 14, 2005, 09:34
OK ...I guess its my turn to throw my opinion out there.... soooo here it is:

I believe signing Jerome James for the MLE was a GOOD move.

Now here is the BECAUSE, before yall start ripping me apart:

Only Jerome James and Hunter were free agents available that could be signed for the MLE.

There must have been a good reason why Isiah didn't go for Hunter instead.

Isiah is trying to get a big name center here, but the only way possible is through sign and trade, sooo if for some reason we didn't get one this off season we would be stuck with frye and sundov at center next season.

Frye as we can see from summer league is not ready to start for the Knicks. He needs time to develop. Although i'm sure he will get plenty of time on the court next season since Jerome is gonna be in foul trouble ALOT.

Another reason this is a good sign is that for Isiah to get a reasonable center in here through a sign and trade is that we would have to give up some of our young talent. Sweetney is not enough to bring a good center in and I sure don't want to see ariza, frye, robinson or lee get traded so quickly. Teams are not interested in our big contracts and the only possibility I see would be through Tim's and Penny's expiring contracts.

Why hold on to the MLE anyways, who else is out there that can fill our needs and willing to take the MLE? Walker wants more and WILL get it somewhere. The others like SWIFT and KWAME are restricted free agents who are guaranteed to make more the MLE.


Isiah did the right thing, locked down a player that plays a position that we are in need of. Jerome started all 80 games for Seatle last season.
AND plus who says he can't keep trying to get another one of those big name centers anyway. Sign and trade which is all we have to work it anyways its still out there and a possibility. The MLE wasn't going to play any part in that anyways.

Ohhhh and I forgot to add that whoever thinks otherwise are the ones that are smoking some S**** that they should keep..... :moon:

Jul 14, 2005, 09:49

Jul 14, 2005, 10:07
easy with the caps. i would rather keep jj and sweets than get curry for health reasons. besides he is already looked at by atl or will probably resign with the bulls. yep, getting james was a good move and gives us inside presence

Jul 14, 2005, 10:15
this person seems to think it is making a good move signing jj and great moves overall.i found it interesting

Jul 14, 2005, 10:27
$5 to $6 million a year for a seven-footer. What numbers do you expect from a player making that salary? Would 9 points and 7 rebounds be reasonable? Think about it. Any more than that and it's icing on the cake. If he goes on to average...say...12 and 8 or something, then $6 mil a year doesn't look so bad, huh? And 17 and 9? Wowie, that's incredible for that salary. Look at the deal that Big Z got--$12 mil a year.

that would be fine but his career avgs are 4.9pts and 3.5 rbs. not very att

Jul 14, 2005, 10:58
i kinda like this trade.......

all we need to do is aquire stromile and our team will be great......i woulda rather of them try to get curry or the bulls other center im at a blank then james

Pf-Swift/Jerome williams
Sf-Tim Thomas/Lee
Sg-Crawford/Richardson (am i the only 1 who like crawfrod over Q?)
Pg-Marbury/Robinson/and #25 from summerleague i like him


Get rid of sweetney/houston/penny/maybe keep rose

Jul 14, 2005, 11:00
i hate this. he had a few good games and we sign him to a 5 year deal. this is a very bad move adn the last thing the knicks needed was a long term contect on someone they dont even know how is going to turn out

Jul 14, 2005, 11:14
Hes a defensive and has size witch isaih wants..........if we get swift ill be so happy......

Jul 14, 2005, 11:26
i read somewhere that since the deal wont be really done till 22 july they can still do a sign and trade with seattle for either malik rose or jerome williams and use the mle toi sign swift. imagine that
j james
s swift
t thomas
q richardson
s marbury nice starting five.
bergen record thats where it came from.

Jul 14, 2005, 11:29
There must be something decent we can get for Sweets and Jamal to plug the middle, damn. Let's hope Aguirre can help this guy stay out of foul trouble and improve his boards, in addition to defeating that "lazy" reputation he has. Can we please dub the guy Jerome "JLazy" James for the time being?

Jul 14, 2005, 11:34
i read somewhere that since the deal wont be really done till 22 july they can still do a sign and trade with seattle for either malik rose or jerome williams and use the mle toi sign swift. imagine that
j james
s swift
t thomas
q richardson
s marbury nice starting five.
bergen record thats where it came from.

read somewhere else Sonics rather let him go than take on any of the contracts the Knicks have, so better think of a sign and trade for Stromile. I insist we should be able to get something decent for Sweets and Jamal.

Jul 14, 2005, 11:35
j james
s swift
t thomas
q richardson
s marbury nice starting five.

I have to disagree...TIf we start Thomas at the 3 this year I will be pissed...actually if he is on the team I will be upset...get Trevor out there...and Swift and James as a frontcourt...talk about the all "we have never lived up to our hype" frontcourt...

But, if we can trade away TT then I may come around

Jul 14, 2005, 12:39
Tim was messed up in the head last season since someone is his family died or were really sick, something like that. In the end of the season he picked it up so since this is the last year on his contract might as well put him out there and hope that his trade value will go up, its contract year you know he is gonna try to impress people to make sure he has a nice fat check next year. I say start Tim and have Ariza back him up.

Am not going to start dreaming about having Swift in the line up because I haven't heard any rumors or anything about a possible sign and trade for him. Just gotta sit back and hope.

I wonder what is going to happen with Houston, if he isn't waived, will he be healthy enough to play?
robinson, marbury, crawford, Quentin and Houston?
That's a SICK backcourt...

Jul 14, 2005, 12:43
the east dont have a lot of true centers maybe 3 shaq z and mayb sum1 else but other than that james will dominate hes big tall strong and will do w.e he wants id say this was a decent siging but what should the knicks do with the 1.1 minimum exeption id say sign ariza for like 5 yr 10 mill contract extension :D

Jul 14, 2005, 12:45
btw this is tt contract yr nd will play his ass off for money like the last 3 months of the season if u remember tt was dominating the post and the outside

Jul 14, 2005, 13:10
I don't have a problem with signing Jerome James. I don't have an issue with giving him the mid, just the lenght of the contract bothers me. I would have like it better if they gave him 3 years instead of 5. We still need another force at the forward spot. They need Swift now in the worst way!

Jul 14, 2005, 13:14
Tim Thomas has proven he is good enough to start for the knicks. He came on strong at the end of last season. He showed an ability to post up on smaller players and he showed his long range game and athletic ability. He had some nice dunks.I would definitly start tim and use ariza as a backup until arriza proves he can do more than tim.

Jul 14, 2005, 13:17
Tyson Chandler would be the ideal plug at the 4 with JLazy James in the middle. Wonder if Chicago would take on Sweets with Penny or TT. Or how about Philly sending us Dalembert and CWebb for Jamal, Frye plus Penny. To me it seems Stromile ain't coming period.

Jul 14, 2005, 13:28
im not totally crazy about the deal but as said - theres limited centers available that we can get without giving up any1. whether or not we shoulda traded some1 for a better center is another issue but as said, hes big, clogs the lane, if he can stay outta foul trouble and let frye come in at the same time well have the best center situation weve had in a while. if he doesnt play hard u think herb wont bench him? we have enough firepower and dont need to rely on him for offense, more so on defense.

Jul 14, 2005, 13:32
I'm also counting on Jackie Butler to continue improving so he can provide some minutes down low sometime this year. I hope they keep Jackie and waive Bruno instead.

Jul 14, 2005, 13:47
I see James playing about 20-25 minutes a game, contributing 10 points and 6-7 rebounds, a block or two. I think that's realistic considering his talent and salary. I think Isiah is putting together a very athletic team that will play small to finish on the fast break. I have a feeling that he's trying to make this "Suns East" by bringing in Q and drafting Nate, Lee, and Frye.

Jul 14, 2005, 14:40
The team hasn't looked this good in a long time. I like Jackie Butler too but some dude was ripping him on Realgm.com; saying his defense was horrendous.....I haven't seen him on the court long enough to judge, and been too busy watching the new players in summer league to even notice him on defense, I do see him get those rebounds and making some shots though. Am up in the air on this one; would like to see him come back rather than sundov thats for sure.

Jul 14, 2005, 14:55
one thing i always notice, if we(i include my self in this)dont like something that is being done we throw around others players names that we say could better. thats all good but ever stop to think that its not just one gm that can make a deal,it take two(like rob base said).sure i personally would have like to see kwame brown here but we had nothing to offer washington,they wanted a shooting guard/forward type(and god knows they dont want penny) lakers offered up caron butler whenb we would not part with qrich. i like the idea of mixing and matching players that might fit,but they just ideas,im glad to be apart of sych an opinionated diverse group of knickerbockers,but we all gatta realize if it wasnt done maybe IT couldnt get it done. and least james is a true 7 footer and as he showed in the playoffs when motivated he can produce lets look forward to next year

a knick fan
Jul 14, 2005, 15:54
why does every gm in this league seem to overplay and overvalue big men???? if u look at most of the bad contracts in this league, they are almost always given to big men who the gm's hoped would develop into better players but never did. same thing with the draft: "we took the best big man available" - bab**** on taking villanueva at 7.

jerome james is a ****ing scrub. at least frye is a hard worker and wants to get better. james is a bum.

just when i was about to start to actually applaud isiah for some of his recent moves (getting nate and lee), here i am again wonddering what the hell is wrong with him.

Jul 14, 2005, 16:02
OK, I agree with you that James is no superstar, but he is a big man which we desperatively need in the lineup before the season starts. From the looks of trades out there if Isiah didn't make the move now, we would end up with noone at center except frye and sundov this offseason. All the big man out there are out of the Knicks reach. The other teams are not interested in the Knicks sign and trades with sweetney being the biggest pawn.

OK so you critizing Isiah for making this move which I understand because you don't like James and you don't think he is good enough. But what sugestions do you have???

Who are the Knicks supposed to get with the MLE? Everyone else out there can get the more than the MLE other than Hunter from other teams. Don't forget that every other team in the NBA can make James the same offer as the Knicks did...so lets say for example we went and offered it to Swift, do you really think other NBA teams wouldn't top our offer???

Like I said before, this is a good move considering all we got is the MLE to work with; everything else is sign and trade HOPES & DREAMS...