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Jul 26, 2003, 06:27
I'll post it here, because you don't need to login to read this board

For those who lost their passwords:
do not follow the I forgot my password feature, because you won't get a new password via mail

As i said when we moved to this server, we don't have the mail() function from php, and that means that even when you register you don't get the welcome to the knicks online forums notification, and even if you receive a new PM you don't get one

So, returning to those who lost their passwords, the steps you need to follow are:
send an email to [email protected] with your account name and from the email you entered when you registered
If you are an yahoo user, you will get an email from mailor deamon, so don't send to that adress. send it to [email protected] or use the feedback form from Knicks Online (http://www.nykfan.8k.com/contact/)

I will change your knicksonline forums password and send it to you, after that, you log in with your username and the password i sent, go to the profile and change it

if you have any trouble understanding this, email me ASAP [email protected]

Sep 15, 2003, 08:31
great news, you don't have to worry from now on about lost passwords, or who knows what
the email problem was fixed
this means that you can get a new pass via board, email notiffication in case you received a new pm, and much more

Sep 17, 2003, 08:15
that's great, let's just hope that more users will join and post now :)