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Oct 21, 2005, 10:37

James Readies for Knicks Debut

""GREENBURGH, NY, October 20, 2005 -- He is 7-1 and was signed this summer to be an inside presence...a big inside presence..that the Knicks have sorely been lacking. That was the plan. And now, after a tumultuous and sometimes frustrating first three weeks as a Knick, Jerome James is ready to play. "Jerome James had two great practices and we need his shotblocking," head coach Larry Brown said following Thursday's workout in Greenburgh. "His wingspan is +8.5 to his height, and the way we have played defensively lately he will make a difference." James has spent most of training camp with a hamstring injury that has limited his mobility and practice minutes, but he added that playing for a Coach like Larry Brown has been a blessing. "I'm not where a want to be, but I'm not that far behind either," the center said. "I have been taking plans home after practice and studying so I can go when I'm ready. It has really been an honor so far to be around a defensive-minded coach like Coach Brown." James will get to see a familiar western conference foe across from him Friday night in Dallas: Mavs center Erick Dampier. Dampier was also once courted by the Knicks, in the summer of 2004 before going to Dallas in a sign-and-trade deal. James could also get some added... and much needed... playing time in the two night Texas swing, as power forward Antonio Davis works his way into playing shape and center Eddy Curry nurses a shoulder injury that has limited his time the last two days. James' defensive presence will go a big way in helping the Knicks improve on that side of the ball as the season opener approaches.""

Even if you're not a big fan of his signing (i wasnt for that much btw) I think you'll be happy he's debuting. Like the excerpt states defense is much needed in NY and I really think you'll be surprised how much is presence mite just help. If he shows a good outing on D i wouldnt be surprised to see him start. I'm personally excited to see what he can do as a Knick and see if he can rough up that WNBA player as Shaq would say Erick Dampier :lol:

Oct 21, 2005, 11:16
$$$ asides...I am happy ot have JJ...especially with Curry and Davis...he is certainly a decent man to have added to the mix...I hated the signing when I thought we were relying on him...but I like him as a supporting piece...if he can get 6 points 6 rebounds and 2 blocks in 20 minutes of play it will be ok
Of course by tomorrow I may have changed my mind on him....

Oct 21, 2005, 15:28
Im happy i wana see what he can bring to our D, and if he can add a few points aswell, even better

Oct 21, 2005, 15:39
If he can bring what he did last year in the play offs with the sonics, then he would be a real big boost.

Oct 21, 2005, 20:24
The clip with Child's punching Bryant is my fav. Back to the point, can't expect James to do much off of one game. As specially the first game after an injury. Then again, how hard is it for a 7 footer to rebound? I think in time James will hold us down. He's getting more playing time so he should do more right.

Oct 29, 2005, 23:39
the most we can expect is maybe 20-25 minutes a night, hopefully some tough inside presence with some fouls since we can afford them, maybe 5-6 rebounds with 8 points and a block or so. that would be reasonable but hes just getting paid a lot to do it. sweetney basically did the same numbers as a undersized pf and is younger.