View Full Version : Face of Franchise must Feature the Rookies

Feb 19, 2006, 11:36
Nate Robinson showed athleicism, heart , and determination. He kept on going when he could not convert a dunk but he managed o get it off still to the crowds pleasing. Nate made us proud. Frye gave a decent showing.

A dunk contest does not compare to the NBA season but the waythe Knicks are the franchise should take this contest as a message. Marbury, both Roses, Taylor NBA career are on the latter. Their winning a championship with this team is highly unlikely. They can't even win now. Nate, Frye, and Lee give us hope. Woods can really improve. Curry? I'll give him a year or 2.

These guys will not win games now but it will give us hope. The fans will see deal with the losing if the team is young. LB must play too their strenghs though. NY loves these young guys. I love them.

Nate showed what these young guys are about. Lee's been doing its all year. Frye is the 2nd leading scorer. Woods showed promise. Bring 'em out.