View Full Version : this is absolutely insane

Feb 28, 2006, 01:41
As a knicks fan how much longer can i take blowout losses, granted to the spurs at home, but i mean everytime i get off work or watch a game i look at the box score and i see a reoccuring theme, we always have way more turnovers than assists, and were getting blown out, people dont like to hear this but if marbury feels like he can, he needs to shoot the ball 15-22 times, i would pick him, but somebody has to, larry brown seems to wanna run the O through eddy curry but again he doesnt shoot the ball that much either, im not giving up, but its always something, can marbury please read this when i say SHOOT THE BALL PLEASE, let all flank the bull shank and play some defense. Its like they have no pride, defense leads to everything good in the game of basketball, take some pride in your defense and hold a team under 100 points please, thats not much to ask the pistons say the same thing only the number is like 80. I mean get a lineup going where we cna stick with the rest of the season and gel in the offseason, i mean i might just have to accidentally jump off a bridge if the knicks play like this next season......step it up knicks, and lets get 25 wins.

Feb 28, 2006, 05:57
marbury has been playing thru pain,i honestly think he should sit out rest of season.he cant shoot his sahoulder is busted and francis aint playing worth ****