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Mar 01, 2006, 20:44
nate robinson hasnt been on the court or even in uniform since the all star break is he hurt or did he lose his spot cuz of so many guards thanks to rose and francis??

Mar 01, 2006, 21:05
yep...lost his spot because of the guards.

Mar 01, 2006, 21:51
duhhh ... willie ... to many guards .... i thought u knew that... =]

Mar 02, 2006, 00:09
Damn, his stock was soo high after all-star weekend! Now he is gona rot on the bench and loose his trade leverage.

I could just see him on the cover of Slam magazine to.

Not that I really like the guy, but he is marketed real well. Some teams need magnetic players like that. Those are the same teams that would choose KG over Duncan. bc KG = fans and Duncan = Rings

Mar 02, 2006, 11:07
duhhh ... willie ... to many guards .... i thought u knew that... =]

well a friend said hes hurt (pablo)
thats crap all he did was play his hurt out and he loses his spot to a ****ty job by isiah bringing in another ball hog instead of getting a big man

Mar 02, 2006, 18:02
it really looks as if he lost his spot. this is really a shame a talented guard, maybe a bit big headed, and isiah brings in a point guard with chronic headache that already has shown that he is no winner. it makes me sick. the best stretch we had was when nate and lee got more minutes in combination with antonio and frye taking turns as pf. please guys, let him play: GET NATE IN UNIFORM!!!

Mar 03, 2006, 14:21
Don't you think he's better than Q.Woods ??? because I mean Woods is on the bench while NAte is on IR...

Mar 16, 2006, 12:58
I'm a big fan of Robinson and would like to see more of him. We have nothing left to play for so give him court time to devlop so he can be even more useful lext year. One of the problems is we have too many overpriced superstars which is keepin guys like him down the pecking order.

Mar 16, 2006, 15:20
I wish Larry went with Jamal, Q, Lee, Frye and Curry the rest of the way. Have him bring Nate, Malik, Woods and Butler off the bench. Teach the other arrogant bitches a lesson.

Of course, this would hurt their trade values, so we need them to play and suffer the rest of the way.

Can you say Rudy Gay to Chicago thanks to the Knicks? I think that's what hurts the most.