View Full Version : [NY Post] Larry Sends Steph More Verbal Jabs

Mar 31, 2006, 08:02
Stephon Marbury declined to retaliate against Larry Brown for his scathing remarks following Wednesday's "Boston Massacre." Brown seemed to be indicting the point guard when he ripped his team for not calling any plays.
"I just think we're running up and down the court," Brown seethed. The coach added the club will "walk the ball up the court" and call a play the rest of the season.

Marbury has talked about needing more freedom, being a "run-and-gun" team with its athletes. Yesterday, Brown told the club it will "control the tempo" the final 12 games.

"He might be saying, slow the game down a little bit to try to get a shot every time, to maintain control of the game," Marbury said robotically.


Mar 31, 2006, 15:20
larry just doesnt know when to stop..didnt steph and larry had a conversation about this?

Apr 01, 2006, 02:56
Guys seriously..are these actual "jabs" or are they just comments that the media take out of content to add fuel to the fire between Brown and Steph??

Writers need something to write about, and the only thing that gets people interested in the disgusting season of failure is the the Coach and Player feud.

Think about it.