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May 04, 2006, 17:40
Larry Brown valued Kenyon Martin's defense and his tenacity when the former Net played for him during the Olympic qualifying tournament in 2003.
Based solely on those two weeks, Martin is a player Brown would love to add to the Knicks' front line. But there should also be a buyers beware label on Martin's resume. He hasn't fully recovered from a debilitating knee injury. Plus, without Jason Kidd throwing him lob passes, his production has slipped over the past two years in Denver.

There are also lingering questions regarding Martin's attitude in the wake of the Nuggets' suspension of the volatile power forward for Games 3, 4 & 5 of their first-round playoff series against the Clippers.

The Knicks pursued Martin before the February trading deadline but were reluctant to include rookie Channing Frye in any trade. There are also whispers around the league that Brown, who is a lifelong friend of George Karl, was having second thoughts about adding Martin because of the problems Martin was having with the Denver coach.


May 04, 2006, 21:31
I was going to start a blog on this subject but you beat me to it Rady. We need to leave this guy alone. He's damaged goods and he has the type of attitude that Brown can't stand. If you think Brown had a tuff time with Marbury, you ant seen nothing yet. That is if Martin is picked up. Rebuilding is not taking on even higher contracts if your in a situation like the Knicks. Bad bad move. We really dont need any big names. Guys like Marbury, Curry Frye and even Jalen Rose can and will perform with out putting us in an even bigger hole.

May 05, 2006, 10:56
KMart is a banger and dunker, something this team really needs, plus his scowl and mean streak are also sorely needed. But I'm not convinced he'll ever be healthy enough to recover and be the player he was in Cincy or Jersey. That's why I'd look at otehr options for the PF spot.

May 05, 2006, 11:44
i would look @ other options b4 jumpin the gun with k-mart. but if we cant get a jermaine o'neal or a kevin garnett then i would still consider it. another con about picking up k-mart is he dont seem to take **** from anyone. and after the **** the team went through with larry brown this season, martin wouldnt let brown run his mouth about him. i wouldnt be surprised to see kenyon pull a spreewell sequel.

May 05, 2006, 13:25
of course we should pursue the likes of Jermaine O'Neal first BUT should we pass up K-Mart... NO. you can scream about how he is damaged goods but thats not the case. sure he has knee problems.. knee problems he HASNT been allowed to recover from. they forced him out there and he played hurt. denvers doctors diagnosed him incorrectly. and thats what hes pist at. not just Karl. give him the 7 months and i promise you hell be back to form.

Miami is also interested and if Miami does get him. Theyll look like geniuses for getting him so cheap. While if we get him all you hypocrits and the media as well will trash it. we are not rebuilding through draft and free agency. face it! we are not even trying to lose salary. even tho next year we will lose a lot (anderson, williams, houston).

his attitude is what the knicks need. and no unlike "starbury" kenyon has a sense of reality. in New Jersey was he like this with Byron Scott or Lawrence Frank??? NO. why not? because no team misdiagnosed him and made him come back early. then rips him to make him seem like trash. was speakin out wrong like he did? yes. but sometimes it has a good reasoning.

point is we need attitude. we need muscle. we need a blocker. a dunker. a banger. an explosive player. this is who we need. especially if we can get him for as low as Maurice Taylor and Quentin Richardson.

May 05, 2006, 13:28
Kenyon Martin is a complete joke. I remember when Stephon played for the nets and i was following them at the time, and he was the number one pick or whatever and then he broke his leg for the millionth time. I hate Kenyon Martin and hope he never comes to New York. I'm going to pull a page out of the barry bonds haters and if he comes here not accept him and give him the fattest shoulder ever. He is probably over paid and i dont even know his salary, james steinbrenner i mean dolan needs to sew his muther fing pockets shut.

May 05, 2006, 14:05
if he can stay healthy then he is a force not 2 be f*cked with. its a gamble but to get him for a q-rich and mo taylor would definatly be worth it. we would still have channing frye to back him up in case somethin does go wrong. and we would still have steve francis to use as trade bait for another good player this off season.

May 05, 2006, 14:07
steve francis would then have to be used to get a good small forward...

May 05, 2006, 16:32
since Chicago will be the winners of the Cory Maggette lottery so to speak getting him for their first round pick and nothing else i doubt they will pursue Al Harrington. So get Harrington to sign his 10 million dollar contract like he wants and trade him for Steve Francis (id rather he be traded for Marbury's delusional ass) but which ever one and there you go.

May 06, 2006, 13:38
Isiah Thomas should move very cautiously with K-mart.
Its not like Thomas is a great negotiator, if he had been we would have just traded Tim Thomas for Curry straight up and we would still have Sweetney and our first round draft pick. Plus, we would not have to pick up Antonio Davis.

May 06, 2006, 19:56
yea i wouldnt pass on k-mart and nyknicks15 clarified all the right reasons: k-mart just wasnt allowed to heal because of the dumbass denver doctors. on another note, what if martin doesnt get along with new york staff? what do we do then? get rid of him after one year? thing is, we have no "in your face i dont give a ****" players we used to have. we dont have players who give a damn. and last time i've checked, k-mart is one of the most toughest dudes in the nba and will win by any means neccessary. other options instead of martin include harrington, gooden (who i think is a j.v version of martin), or mourning.

furious lord
May 06, 2006, 22:41
:afro: I used to hate kenyon Martin...mostly because he played for the Nets but also because I wished he was on our team...If he is healthy and is 90% of what he was when he was in NJ, I say do the deal, as long as we don't give up Frye to get him...Denver needs shooting, I'd consider giving up Francis and/or an expiring contract...This would probably never happen, but I'd like to see getting Martin and signing Zo to play backup C for one or two years... having those two guys on the frontline f**kin' cats up would be nice...

May 08, 2006, 20:50
Before the season, someone questioned if I was a true knick fan becuz one of my first posts on this website was some knid of trade which had the knicks pickin up Kmart and camby. They said K mart hated the knicks and i was basically an idiot mor even saying that. Well it appears times have changed. I am no longer an idiot for saying the knicks should go after kmart and i also no longer want kmart on the knicks. I thnk hes paid too much and his health is questionable. He wont help the team out that much. He'll have some big nights but a lot of dissapointing nights just like last season. maybe if the knicks had either j kidd or nash as their pg, i would consider it but otherwise hell no. Continue to start curry and insert frye as the pf. Both of them should play better next year becuz thatz what young players do until they reach their prime. F*** Kmart. Frye and curry will some day become the twin towers of the NBA if they both work real hard. I know frye will. Curry is more of a question mark then frye. Still i think they both show promise, curry is a freak on the offensive boards and with his dunks. he just needs to improve at defense and rebounding. This is for anyone who thinks kmart is the answer :flippa: :moon:

May 11, 2006, 23:29
Everybody in Denver wants to dump K-Mart and they are sure Zeke is dumb enough to take him. Wonder how Zeke must feel with every GM lined up at his door trying to dump bad contracts on him. Zeke needs to wise up and stop being the laughing stock of the league.

May 12, 2006, 12:43
another cheap shot at Isiah Thomas. How about this. Denver doesnt have New York as the front runner for trading Kenyon Martin. They are actually trying to send him to Portland before anything else. Then New York and Miami follow. I understand what you mean.. but fact is they arent coming begging us to take him. not saying we wont but we're not the dumbest.. according to Denver we are the second dumbest :lol:

May 12, 2006, 13:11
not only the 2nd dumbest but also the 2nd worst team after portland... somthing has 2 give

May 16, 2006, 06:04
The Nuggets have Nene also in the fold. But Kenyon Martin was a Kiki guy and the team wants him out. Rumors hurt a guy and so all them months which Kenyon's name was being tossed around it reached a boiling point in the playoff game which karl would not put Kenyon back in for the second half. The KNICKs need a guy like him. He will have a long off season, get his knee cleaned up and get back to where he was before. Kenyon attacks the glass as good as anyone in the league, he plays hard nosed defense and he is an intimidator out their for his team. The Knicks could use him and the Knicks have things the Nuggets need. Three point shooters. Quentin Richardson has not played well so I would assume he is the main piece to go to Denver with another big, maybe David Lee and one of their Draft picks. Both teams can win with this situation. the Nuggets need a SG who can stretch the defenses from sagging on Anthony and the Knicks need a defensive pressence on their Front line. It makes sense to me. But the Knicks may have to give up two guards on the roster and or David Lee.

Jermaine O'neal is not going anywhere and I am sure Bird will not work well with isiah. Kevin Garnett is stuck in Minnesota for his career!