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May 10, 2006, 09:54
If you were Isiah Thomas and Larry Brown (assuming they're still here by then), what would you be looking to do with our draft alternatives?

IMO, one alternative would be to try to land another pick through a trade (Minny, Boston, Raps or Sonics) and then look to pull a Mike Ditka and trade the three first-round picks for one of the top 3 picks and land either Tyrus Thomas, Adam Morrison or Rudy Gay. I would look to get Eddie Griffin and Marko Jaric from the Wolves, Paul Pierce from the Celts, Mike James from the Raps or Rashard Lewis/Chris Wilcox from Seattle.

On the other hand, if we don't move up on the board, Colorado's SG Richard Roby (KMart's half-brother) and UConn's PF Josh Boone would be my picks, if they're still available. Roby is being compared to Allan Houston while Boone is a defensive presence down low.

In terms of surprise second-rounders that we may venture grabbing with that San Antonio pick: Sun Yue, a 6'9" SG from China looks tempting, as well as Marquette's Steve Novak and Texas's Daniel Gibson.

Opinions? Can't wait for draft day (or July free agency, or pre-season, or November, or... ya'll get the drift!!!)

May 10, 2006, 17:14
I'll be watching the draft, covering it etc. But unless you truly love the NBA (as i do) then there is no need (as a knicks fan) to watch it. we will not have ANY picks. i wont guarantee and end up looking like an ass. but i truly believe we will trade both away before or during the draft. Larry has gone on record as to saying we dont need any more young guys. he has the two young guys he wants (Frye & Lee). expect both picks to be traded to Atlanta in an Al Harrington deal.

IF and thats a big if, we do keep our picks. i expect us to either trade up with them (as portega said) for Tyrus Thomas (perhaps in a deal for darius miles. or take Josh Boone early with the 20th and take a pure PG with the 29th. i can see portega got his info from NBADRAFT.NET haha which is completely fine. But Roby (although compared on the site) actually plays D compared to Houston haha. remember this isnt whos the best player at the positions we pick BUT what Larry wants. cause hell get it.

May 10, 2006, 18:04
Yeah I aggree that not much will come of the draft. I think we'll see Francis being moved for Harrington. The Knicks intend to hold on to the young guys for a while.

May 10, 2006, 19:56
oh my bad Chris. I meant the two picks to be traded in a deal for Harrington. alongside Francis or Marbury (not the young guys). my bad. how ya been? haha

May 16, 2006, 05:26
The Knicks first should trade Quentin Richardson and David Lee to the Nuggets for Kenyon Martin.

The Knicks pick 20th and 29th:

Patrick O'Bryant of Bradley is a player I would strongly look at if he is there at 20. He is a 7-footer and played well in the tourney and he is only 19 years old so he has room to grow. I do not know his work ethic cause the draft is not covered like the NFL so we dont know the details on kids like they do in the NFL

Other guys I would look at with the two picks:

Hilton Armstrong PF/C: A big strong rebounder/defender
Paul Davis PF/C: A big strong rebounder/defender who can stretch the defense with a decent shot from 18 feet
Steve Novak SF: A deadly shooter at 6'10"
James Augustine PF: Very active defender who passes well for a big guy
Nick Fazekas PF: Another big who can shoot from deep and has a good allround game
Aaron Gray C: Frankentein can get some boards

Shawne Williams SF: This freshman from Memphis if he stayed at school could be Top 10 pick in Two years! He is the steal of the draft cause he should fall out of the Lottery Selections.

In my opinion, the Knicks need BIGS and ones who can shoot from deep. This draft has plenty of them guys. Steve Novak being the best one in my opinion.

May 16, 2006, 08:31
Many are upset over Isiah not protecting the 1st round pick that he traded to Chicago as part of the Eddy Curry trade. However, I have to pioint out that there are no real lock picks in this draft. There are some good players, but there is no Lebron or Carmello or Tim Duncan. Sure there will be a surprise or two, but no locks going in. So in this case I am not sure that it hurts that the Knicks don't have the number three pick. The Knicks have the 24th and 29th picksof the first round.
If you look at this draft you will see that while there are no lock picks in the top of the draft, this is a deep draft, there are a lot of players that look good in the 2nd fifiteen picks in the draft as there are in the top 15. Sure the top 5 are probably stronger than the rest, but once you get past those top 5 in no particular order (Tyrus Thomas, Rudy Gay, Lamarcus Aldridge, Adam Morrison, Brandon Roy, Andrea Bargnani) there are a lot of players that look like good prospects after that. Among the players that might be around when the Knicks make there 24th and 29th picks (assuming they do not trade up) are;Hilton Armstrong C - U Conn, Jordon Farmer PG - UCLA, Dee Brown G - Illionois, Paul Davis C - Michgan State, Paul Millsap PF - Louisian Tech, Maurice Ager SG - Michigan State. Thabo Selosha SG - SF from Italy, also Nick Fazekas 6 11 - UN Reno.

May 16, 2006, 08:43

The Knicks do not need to draft anymore PG's! So guys like Farmer and Brown can be passed on! They need help on the boards and they need a big who can shoot well from 18 feet. This draft is stocked at that, guys like Novak and Fazekas.

But I have to disagree with your opinion slightly! Lemarcus Aldridge is a BEAST and he should be the First Overall Pick in this draft, unless Portland gets it, then they should draft the local boy Morrison cause he will help put people in the seats and he can play immediately and be successful.

The Top Players in this Draft in my opinion:
Aldridge, Thomas, Gay, Williams

May 16, 2006, 10:28
I agree that LeMarcus Aldridge is very good and would be the number one if I were drafting, however, he is no lock. Remember Adrenw Bogut

May 16, 2006, 10:36
I agree that LeMarcus Aldridge is very good and would be the number one if I were drafting, however, he is no lock. Remember Adrenw Bogut

Andrew Bogut bro is going to continue to blossom. He is a very, very talented big man. Maglore limited his production but Bogut still had a decent year. Big men is not easy to get to the NBA and take it by storm. But the Bucks made the play offs and they have a talented roster.

Lemarcus what I saw of him in his games for the Long Horns is going to be a very very good big man in the NBA. He can rebound and block shots very well right now and unlike Emeka Okafur he has room to possibly grow. He is very young still and has tons of potential. That kid from Memphis is going to be awesome as well, Williams! He is going to be a star!

Die Dolan Die
May 25, 2006, 13:02
I'd trade both Steve Francis (Atlanta?) and Stephon Marbury (Toronto?) for 2007 first round picks and maybe 2006 second round picks.

I'd like to see the Knicks draft G Kyle Lowry at No. 20 and F/C Josh Boone at No. 29.

*I wouldn't mind them taking PF Kevin Pittsnogle, PF Leon Powe, G Mike Gansey or F Steve Nowak if they add a second round pick.

Lowry is only a sophomore, hustles, plays great on-the-ball defense and can get to the rim. Boone's stock is dropping. I think he'd b a perfect fit in NY. He can rebound and play defense. I wouldn't mind a frontline of Curry, Frye, Boone and Lee. It's a nice mix of offense, defense and rebounding.

FYI - I wouldn't touch Kenyon Martin. He's got a bum knee and a max contract with at least five years left on it. NO THANKS! I'd rather the Knicks trade Q. Richardson to Denver for R. Patterson and his expiring contract.