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Oct 12, 2006, 10:59
The following is some disturbing information about how the knicks give away their money. If anyone has been wondering why we have not signed a free agent( im not talking about using the mid-level exception, or a sign and trade)
in a long time this is why. The following players/ coaches are being paid tens of millions so that they dont contribute anything to our team.

Shandon Anderson
Jerome Williams aka JYD
Allan Houston
Mo Taylor
Lenny Wilkens
Larry Brown

This year we will probably be paying malik rose and jalen rose to sit on the bench the whole year.

Who Knows we mights still be paying the following:
Luuuuuuuuuuuc Longley
Mugsy "Tiny" Bogus
Larry "Grand MaMa" Johnson
Clarence "Spooooon" Weatherspoon
Othela "the big fella" Harrington
-- I think were still paying serbia-montengro to buyout milos vujanic

This is the reason why we are in the dumps right now. The only way we can fix this is to let these contracts expire. No more trading bad contracts for even worse. Its time to just close the bank and play with what we have. I like the young core of Chanin, Lee, Crawford, Curry, who knows maybe even balkman too.

Oct 12, 2006, 11:25
This is a stupid post...with the season only weeks away we want to hear the voices of fans who have hope with the new upcoming season not someone who tells us why they've failed and will continue to fail.

If you don't have anything nice to say don't say it!!!:flippa:

Oct 12, 2006, 12:57
Actually...I think it can be looked at as a positive post...for the first time in awhile I think we can actually STOP spending and stick with what we have. The Knicks have some young exciting players and some talented vets...it is great that we can just focus on who we are...not who we want.
So let's let those contracts finish up and enjoy the talent we have assembled!!!!!

GO KNICKS!!!!!!!

Oct 12, 2006, 13:22
We didn't really make any foolish spending decisions all summer, and those remaining contracts on "dead" players have no where to go but to expire. I think the team finally realized what's best for it.

Oct 12, 2006, 14:04
I can't really agree that we didn't make stupid moves over the summer. I never even heard of J. Jefferies until late last year, and all of a sudden he is worth 30 million???? gimme a break. You think Jerome James would have taught us a lesson by now. If we're gona throw money around, Butler deserved a shot. He is gona flourish in San Antonio and just add to Thomas legacy of being the worst exect in the history of the game = (

Oct 12, 2006, 14:46
I like how every one is coming out on a positive note for the Knicks. Because you're a newbie you may not know but there is a history on this topic that many of us have had our war of words on. But you are 100% correct.

My new favorite Knick is Nate Robinson (Well one of my favorites.)
Nate Quote:
Once we start winning, guys are going to be like, 'See, I told you the Knicks were this and that,'" Robinson said. "Nah. Once you're against us, you're always against us. That's how I feel."

So basically Nate just called you bandwagon disbelievers a "bunch of bitches". That's my dog from this point on because of that one statement.

Oct 12, 2006, 15:57
your basketball knowledge is a little subpar if you hadnt heard of Jared Jeffries prior to last season..

the fact of the matter is. WHO CARES?! after this season..

all come off the books. thatll lower our cap. but still? is their really any free agents at the moment worth signing anyway? its not my money they are spending.. its not yours. not a lot of teams are under the cap.. i think at this point only three. so lets let it go and be appreciative that all those salaries will be gone next year. we have a good core, a good market ppl if they want to come here will get their way. via forced sign and trade or trade period. or hell even signing for cheap. so lets not worry about it.

and Starks man I need you to read your Private Messages and get back to me. The draft is this Sunday. I need to know what is up

Oct 12, 2006, 16:16
We didn't overspend on Jeffries...nobody makes under 5 million a year anymore except the crap of the league...so whether you heard of him or not means nothing...he's a decent player...how much were we gonna save that would make you happy ...5 million dollars savig over 5 yrs is not our issue...its guys like francis that are getting 20 million a year...and jerome james is only a problem because hes not worth a dime...jeffries is worth something and you werent gonna save much...besides it was the only way we were able to get him and we couldnt come back into this year with the same exact team the team would be too small with marbury francis and a 6-8 small forward...

Oct 12, 2006, 17:15
First of all littleed511 id like to give u a big compliment on your picture. I love how the dream team is surrounding Patrick- the true leader of that team. And second id like to agree with you on the Jefferies point. It was a move that had to be done to bring in some fresh blood and its the sign of a new start. Also we payed 30 mil for a young athletic player, who is unselfish and puts the team ahead of himself unlike some other players on the team(ex. Marbury who now calls himself Starbury- ego-, huh). He brings us defense which we showed very little of last year, and i think he is going to be an intergral part of the team.

Oct 13, 2006, 08:34
Nate Robinson has been a KNICK for what 5 mins? Give me a damn break...I've been a die hard KNICK fan long long before he even donned the jersey so he needs to step with that bull****. Second of all, A TRUE FAN is a FAN who is willing to call out his team when they are basically ****ing up and wants them to do more and get better...its called TOUGH LOVE. I dont want this franchise falling into the Cubbie syndrome of Chicago. Always thinking positive, always supporting the team no matter what, that kind of complacency has to stop this season before we end up like that. It takes a real fan to do such to call out his team..Id be worried if REAL KNICK fans didnt call out our team because they to me are not worried about this team at all if they think this lineup is so hunky dory.

NateR needs to worry about not turning the damn ball over in clutch situations, and turnovers period and taking bad shots. NateR can call out KNICK fans when he come up big in atleast 4 playoff series.

Oct 13, 2006, 17:55
Isiah is just hiring a firing people on the spot. Jerome Williams only retire because he didnt have a spot on the team with Allan being there. But Allen 2-3 months after JYD retired, Allen does the same thing. Lenny and Larry are just 2 coaches that could turn the Knicks around.After one season, Lenny quit and Larry got fired. Mo was just a good player, to be honest, they should have waived Malik Rose instead because he has a low contract with the Knicks. Wasn't Shandon with the Heat last season? How is he still in contract with the Knicks?

Oct 14, 2006, 16:30
man the knicks are probably still payin ewing and oakley money, thats how many players are still on the knicks payroll. They probably still payin cylde and willis reed

Oct 14, 2006, 18:54
man the knicks are probably still payin ewing and oakley money, thats how many players are still on the knicks payroll. They probably still payin cylde and willis reed

how do i get on the gravy train??

Oct 16, 2006, 10:55
Only problem I got with that analysis NYK is that Houston could been came off the books in the past season...The only reason they didnt kick his ass out the door was for PR reasons..makes no sense to shell out 25 mill from the team cap when u can lay that out on the insurance instead which doesnt affect your cap room to me that was completely stupid.

How the hell do you give Allan more repsect than Patrick? I dont care who had the reigns at that time , to any fan that just dont make any bit sense at all in the basketball world. Im just saying if you can more or less throw away Patrick shouldnt have lost sleep over Houston.